Bottle Caps for Camp

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Girls Camp Craft

Last year for camp I was in charge of the crafts (dream job!  Lots of work, but worth it).  A quick easy one that the girls enjoyed were bottle cap pins.  You could make these magnets, neclaces, whatever, but we did pins because they were the cheapest and I thought they’d look cool on their camp bags.  The technique is basically the same as the bottle cap necklaces tutorial found HERE.  Instead of drilling a hole for the necklace, we brought superglue and after the bottle caps were dry we glued the pin to the back. Supplies: blank bottle caps (Hobby Lobby) card stock (use a different color for each sheet you print for variety) Glossy Accents (JoAnn or Hobby Lobby) pins (very cheap at Hobby Lobby) super glue (Dollar store) scissors   This is the one I made for myself (note: I changed the year to 2012 for the downloads):

YW Camp Craft

You might be worried about how well the super glue works…this has been washed several times when I forgot to take it off of my coat.  The pin is still secure and because I sealed the paper with the “Glossy Accents” the picture side is still in perfect condition.

  Here are the downloads for the inserts.  NOTE: for best results, print on card stock.  The best ones were on card stock with a slight fleck.  I chose “natural” looking papers with a fleck in colors like green, pink, and brown.  Also, be sure to lay the bottle caps flat until they have set (an hour or so) then glue the pin on the back.

Bottle Cap Inserts

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  • I have a request, please. I am going to print these (which they are amazing, by the way) for our YW Camp and would like to have it all fit on one sheet or possibly 2 for our girls. Could you either send me the file so I can re-arrange what we want to use and delete what we don’t or could you do that for me and send me a high quality PDF? I use Alphragraphics in Bountiful, UT to do all my printing and would like to avoid the pixelation that happens from lower resolution PDF files. I am HUGE on copyright infringement so I will NOT use these on my own blog or anywhere else. I just need to print them asap before the lady who does all my printing has her baby in a week. Thank you in advance for your help. I love your blog!!!

  • Thanks so much for putting these together. I just love your idea of the pin instead of the necklace. I think that this will be a “cooler” idea for the Young Women.

  • We are making 130 of these darling bottlecaps. How much Glossy Accents do I need to make 130? I don’t want to over buy. Thanks so much for the great idea!

    • Sherry,
      I bet two bottles would be plenty, if you do buy more, then it will go faster if you have multiple people making them at once so it’s a tough call. Have fun!

  • cute, cute!! love the vintage vibe. taking idea to my camp meeting tomorrow!

  • Thank you for your fabulous job on these pins, they’re amazing!
    I am computer challenged and am having a problem opening the file for these. Could you e-mail this file to me? Of course, like everything else I do, this is a last minute project. We have camp next week, thank you for all your work and awesome abilities!

  • Would you e able to update the date to 2013 for the girls camp bottle caps? They are darling!

    • Shauna, I’m planning on it! I hope to have it finished soon. “Pin” it so you don’t forget and I’ll post it when I’m finished.

  • Just wondering if you could change the inserts to 2013?? That would be awesome!

  • Me too! I would LOVE these changed to 2013! Thanks so much for your wonderful ideas!

  • Hello:

    I love your blog! My Stake is going to girls camp the week of June 18-21, 2013. I was wanting to do the bottle cap pins. I was just wondering if you would have the 2013 ones done so I could do this with our girls.

    Thank You
    Dianna Moore

  • Will you be updating the Girls camp bottle cap template to 2014? I would love to use this for our camp this summer!

  • I’m hoping to use them this year too, so thank you for updating. We’re still reaping the rewards of your hard work!

  • I would love to have an update version for 2014. These are very cute!
    Thank you!

  • We are doing pins this year for camp…These are Darling! Could you please have and update version for 2015? They are so cute, thank you!

  • I would love to make these for my YW for girls camp.Is there an updated version for 2015. They are so cute.Thank-you

  • Would you be willing to update for 2016? These are the CUTEST things I have ever seen. All your Camp ideas are spot on for quick, easy and Gospel oriented. Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas!

  • I’m going to request the same thing as Rebecca….I would love to make these for GC 2016. (The girls will love them since they are just like the one’s from UP).

  • Can you update these to 2016?

  • Hi I would love to use these this year for camp. Could you change the date to 2016? I love them! Awesome job ;)

  • looking good

  • nice post

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