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Bottle Cap Necklaces: 2011 YW Theme

I was called to work with the Young Women of our church last year, just before Christmas.  I knew we needed to think of a cute, inexpensive, and meaningful gift for each girl on their birthday.  I found a bottle cap necklace on Etsy, but they were $8 each.  Very cute, but too expensive.  I did a little research and found that I could make my own for around $1 each!  The following is a tutorial of the best advice I found from many websites including my own trial and errors.  This craft is great for this year for YW in excellence, Christmas presents, or adapted for any program or theme!

Supply List:  Cardstock, Bottle Caps, Workable Fixitif, Glossy Accents, Ball and Chain necklaces

I purchased everything at JoAnn’s except for the bottle caps and necklaces.  The best deals are at Hobby Lobby, especially with a coupon or a sale!

1st I went to JoAnn’s and bought  a few sheets of card-stock.  The photo shows some with great texture.  I also chose other papers that ha
d a sparkle embeded in it or flecks that gave it a natural feel.

2nd  Print the PDF of the images I have made or make your own designs.Click HERE for PDF printable of bottlecap designs

3rd  Spray your printed pages with a Workable Fixatif so that the ink from your printer will not run when it gets “wet” from the Glossy Accents.  The Krylon brand worked great and was also purchased at JoAnn’s.  Then let it dry completely overnight.  Cut out each circle just inside the light gray circle on the print out.



4th Drill a very small hole through the edge of the bottle cap.  Thread a jump ring through the hole and tighten it.


4th  Dry fit the paper in the bottle cap.  It should be a little bit larger and not slide in.  If it gets stuck, use a pin to pop it out.

5th The Glossy Accents product is perfect for this craft.  Some people use resin but it is tricky and once mixed it must be used quickly.  Others use a glossy sticker but they are expensive and don’t fit all bottle caps.  Glossy Accents is perfect.  It is available everywhere, it can be opened and closed easily with its screw on lid, and you can make a few here and there instead of all at once.  It also allows you to practice on one bottle cap to make sure you don’t have any hiccups. 

6th  Place a small amount of Glossy Accents to “glue” your paper in the bottle cap.

7th  Lay your paper on the bottle cap being sure to place the design straight up in relationship to the jump ring on the top.  Press your paper in, especially around each of the edges.   Don’t worry if a little oozes out after you put your paper in.

 8th Start in the center with a small circle of Glossy Accents.  (Be sure to NOT shake Glossy Accents, it will create bubbles)

 9th Work your way to the outside of the bottle cap.  Be sure to cover the entire paper.  You will want to draw it up the walls so that the entire necklace is waterproof.

10th Wait.  The Glossy Accents will look cloudy but in time will become clear.

11th Place on a ball and chain necklace.  I found these at Hobby Lobby.  They were $4.99 for 5 necklaces, but I found them on sale 40% off!

 12th Place in a tiny ziplock bag from any craft store.  Then, give it away!



  • Just wondering how many bottlecaps will the glossy accent do? Will one bottle do a bunch? Thanks for the awesome idea!

  • Thanks for the great idea! I came across your blog and I love it! FUN FUN ideas. I just got called to the Young Women Program and created a fun printable for the Values. Stop by and visit. I would love to see you often! :)


  • I love your bottle cap necklace idea! We would like to do it for this years theme 2012? How would I make the cute insides? I love yours, we might just do them with that theme if I can”t figure it out!

  • Also hoping you will be creating 2012 theme bottle caps to print! Last year’s were such a hit!

    • I don’t have plans to YET, but soon I will be posting a Camp bottle cap craft!

      • OK, the Camp bottle caps are up! Check them out HERE


  • Love these! Any chance you will make same for the 2013 theme?

  • looking good

  • nice post

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