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Stamp Covered Guitar Case

When I was thrifting as a high school student in So. Cal. , I came across a guitar and case.  I purchased it for $30 and thought I’d learn to play.  First I needed to add my own touch to the case.  I had seen an old suitcase covered in stamps at an antique shop in Pacific Beach earlier that year loved it.  This case would be the perfect canvas for a similar treatment.

Mod Podge Guitar Case

I began tearing all of the stamps off any mail that came into our home.  At the time, my sister was serving an LDS mission in Portugal so I collected all of her stamps too.  A pen pal in Finland who knew I was collecting stamps began helping too.  When ever he would send a letter, he would pack it with a bunch of small denomination stamps.  Then my sweet friend Jonie’s grandmother passed away, and Jonie donated her grandmother’s stamp collection to me!  Once I had enough to cover the top of the case, I started gluing.

Stamps, guitar, modpodge

 I glued them in a random fashion.  Then I put a couple of coats of non yellowing urethane on top.

Stamps Cover Guitar Cover

All of the stamps layered on top of each other gave great texture to the case.

Stamps Cover Guitar Cover

17 years later and I still can’t play, but after many YouTube videos, my 11 year old son can rock it.  He thinks the case is pretty awesome too.

Teen Acoustic Guitar

 Do you have a cool guitar case?  Tell me about it!

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