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Self Serve Laundry Sorting

Laundry Labels

I LOVE fresh laundry.  I still remember in 7th grade borrowing my friend Marreville’s gym clothes and loving the smell.  I asked her what detergent her mom used and I have been using the same formula for over 20 years!  Tide Clean Breeze or original scent and Snuggle Sparkle fabric softener and dryer sheets.  The scent of my laundry has a reputation of it’s own.  I can’t tell you how many of my kids friends mom’s have asked me for this formula after my kids have played at their house!

Well, a husband and 4 boys later, laundry is a still a big deal.  I can’t do it alone so I organized my tiny laundry room.  I have a front loading washer and dryer so i grabbed 4 clear storage bins and they fit perfect across the top.  Then I made labels based on the colors of clothes that I seem to have a lot of.  I printed them off my inkjet printer, cut them out, and glue sticked the back of them.  Now, even a 5 year old can sort laundry according to the labels and if they can’t read, they can see the colors of clothes through the clear bins.

Download the PDF and print your own Laundry Sorting Label



  • Good stuff.

  • Amanda- thanks for the inspiration! Excited to see what’s next!!1

  • A note about the jumbo Snuggle…Sam’s Club. We actually have memberships @ Costco and Sam’s, and even though we live a few blocks from Costco, has has me with Snuggle.

  • so cute and love the ideas. Can’t wait to see what you have to show and tell us for next month.

  • Amanda, do u use both Snuggles? Or can I choose to use the dryer sheet only? Does the formula consist of the two kinds of softners?
    Thank u!!!! Happy 2012!!!

    • Paula,
      I DO use BOTH the Snuggle liquid AND fabric sheets. I didn’t even know you could do that until my father in law taught me. It is a LOT of scent, but it lasts through all the dirt and stink of four little boys! (Sam’s club carries the liquid in bulk). Happy folding!

  • Thanks so much! :)

  • Absolutely love the sorting labels with the color cue. I’m off to do this to my hampers and put my laundry sorting workforce to work!

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  • looking good

  • nice post

  • How much of tide and snuggle do you use per load and how many dryer sheets per load?

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