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What is Pinterest and How to use it

Pinterest is the most amazing tool on the web.  Seriously!  Pinterest is for just about anyone.  Designers, crafters, cooks, party planners, gift givers, teachers, parents, photographers, the list goes on and on!  I have spent countless hours there, and I know others do too.  Did that pique your Pinterest? (Ha, ha, I couldn’t resist)

But what is it?

A picture is worth 1,000 words and that is what Pinterest is all about.  Pinterest is a free social networking site where images are shared.  Those images are usually linked to a blog or a website.  The images are “pined” up on a virtual idea board.  You can make your own boards and label them what ever you please.  Then you can pin any image you find on the net and place it on any of your boards OR repin an image from the main Pineterst board onto one of your boards.  OK, enough talk, here are some screen shots.

Pinterest main page: (you can select their categories to narrow down what you see including-Fashion, Food, Travel, Kids, Photography, and many more)

  Pinterest Everything screenshot

My Pinterest Pin Boards: (some of the boards include-Products I Love, Outdoors, Basement Design Ideas, Too Cute, Craftiness, Recipes I want to try, and many more)

Pinterest Everything screenshot

If you click on a pin: (In the upper right hand corner is a link back to the source of the pin.  In the upper left hand corner is the option to Like or RePin)

Pin up close on pinterest


These are a few of the reasons I LOVE Pinterest.

  • I can share my interests with my friends.  On Pinterest my friends can follow me.  They can see everything I pin.   Sometimes I even label things with their names so they know I’m always thinking of them.
  • My friends can share cool things with me.  I follow my friends and get to know their style and interests better based on their pins.
  • I can share my projects with the world.  If I make something cool I can share my images or website with everyone on Pinterest.
  • I can’t remember all this stuff.  There are so many unbelievable ideas on the internet.  If I find something I like, I can pin it and always have access to it and it’s source.
  • I have access to my pins everywhere I go.  With Pinterest you can log in to your account on any computer or iPhone app.  (hopefully an android app soon).  If you want to look up a recipe while at a friends house or need to look up a supply list while at the craft store, you can!
  • It’s green.  No more mailboxes filled with catalogs and magazines ordered just for tear out idea books!  I have finally thrown out all of my 3″ three ring binder idea books.
  • Easy organizing of ideas instead of papers stashed here and there.  I had great tear out books, but sometimes I would tear out a page while at the gym and it just ended up a crumpled mess at the bottom of a bag.  Now I can quickly sort my pins on to my specific boards.
  • I can search Pinterest with higher quality results than Google Images.  I used to search Google Images when looking for anything like recipes, forms, crafts, hairstyles etc.  Now I search Pinterest and they weed out most of the random search results.


Signing Up:

  1. Get an invite on or from a friend already on Pinterest.  Be patient, it may take a few hours for your invite to reach your email inbox.
  2. Sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account and you are automatically connected to your friends.
  3. Tell Pinterest the topics you are most interested in and those pins will show up more often.
  4. Name your Pin Boards.  You can use their labels for now.  As you start pinning your boards will evolve.  For example, I have a board specifically ideas for my unfinished basement.  You may want a Christmas board, or Dream Vacation board.  These can all be changed and added to along the way.
  5. Don’t forget to press the P bookmark to follow me and my Burlap & Denim board for updates on new projects.

What are you waiting for?  Go to Pinterest and invite yourself, OR email me and I’ll send you an invite personally. 

  Pinterest Logo Red



  • AMANDA!! I am getting into trouble now that I know about this site! I LOVE it…your site is so fun and easy to follow. I am enjoying keeping tabs on you! :)

    • Thanks Van, now how am I supposed to keep tabs on YOU?

  • Just found your site & I’m loving it! I’m gonna be up all nite lookin around!
    I hear everybody talkin about pininterest but wasnt really sure what it was until now! Would you mind sending me an invite???

  • looking good

  • nice post

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