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Display Your Nature Souvenirs

This last spring my husband and I went on a trip to Hawaii.  We visited beaches, LOST sites, a nature preserve, surfed Waikiki, ate at fun restaurants and even the famous went to the Aloha Stadium swap meet.

Beach, Kate and Sawyer's house, Surfing Waikiki

We took a lot of photos, but I wanted another way to remember the great time we had.  I couldn’t find anything at the swap meet I was willing to put out in my house, way too tacky tourist.  I decided to collect nature from some of my favorite spots.  I brought gallon Ziploc bags and loaded up.  Sand from a romantic sunset at Sunset Beach.  A small rock/sand mix from a river bed near our condo.  Tiny bits of shells, rocks, sea glass and coral from a tiny island we walked through water to get to.  Beautiful white coral chunks from a quite beach.

Souvenir Sand, Shells, Rocks and Coral

I packed my luggage and carry on full of sand, shells, and coral (oh and bags of drift wood, but that is another project!).  Off to the airport.  Everything sailed through the agricultural checkpoint and it was time for airport security.  There they took away my Hawaiian Tropics sunscreen, but said nothing about my “souvenirs”.  My husband had to put my carry-on in the overhead compartment, it was far too heavy for me, ha ha.

Once I got home, I knew just where to put the souvenirs. Four large glass containers from Ikea, that were only $4.99 each, would be perfect.  They stored bath products in my bathroom in their previous life.

Perfect for displaying Souvenirs

Each Ziploc was emptied into it’s own jar and printed off simple labels on flecked paper.  I cut them out and glued them on with a glue stick.

Goat Island Coral, Rocks, Shells and Sea Glass

Bringing nature indoors isn’t always easy, and neither is finding souvenirs and trip reminders that aren’t “touristy”.  These jars filled with sand, rocks, glass and coral are a beautiful reminder of a trip, that look great anywhere in my house.

Souvenier Jars of Sand, Rocks, Shells, and Coral

What treasures have you incorporated into your interior design?  Do share…

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  • Amanda – your website is AMAZING!!! So many inspiring ideas! Love it.

  • Love this idea, great way to keep those memories alive!

  • Britt, thanks, and I may be taking you up on your blank wall offer! I’ve got too many ideas and not enough house of my own to do them in.

  • Amy, you know I was just too cheap and picky on our last trip hence the display jars. It’s amazing how many great ideas come from not settling.

  • What a great idea- love your pretty jars!! I host a decorating link party at my blog on the weekends- Would love for you to come share!

  • Oh my gosh, I not only recognize the names of the beaches, but also the types of sand each has! I lived in Hawaii for 6 years, so fun!- wish I still has sand though. I used to love picking the little tiny shells out of the sand at Goat’s island…

    • Awesome Becca! I love your blog, super cute. This was my first time to Goat Island, amazing to walk around the outside and see the different types of sand and corals on each side. Hope you can get back again soon.

  • looking good

  • nice post

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