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YW in Excellence

In our church we have a program where the Young Women work on improving themselves.  This month is a night where we honor their success.  It is called Young Women in Excellence (or YW in Excellence).  Here is the layout I’ve been toying with for our invitations and such.  I wanted it simple, clean and easy to print off on  cardstock.  Our theme is Women Of Virtue and is modeled after a program by Jessica Roberts found on Sugardoodle.  Like Jessica, I chose gold as my accent color since gold represents the value Virtue.  I printed them on pearlescent paper found in an 8 1/2 X 11 pad at JoAnn’s.


Young Women Invitation Evening in Excellence

Program: (sorry about the watermark)

Young Women Excellence Program Women of Virtue Gold

Name Card for the Display Tables:

Young Women Evening in Excellence Name Card

Alternate Name Card with notes from the parents about the YW’s accomplishments this year and a note about a virtuous woman in that YW’s life.

YW in Excellence Name Card

If you would like a Microsoft Publisher .pub or Microsoft Word document, email me and I’ll send it right to you.

UPDATE:  We had our Evening in Excellence and it went great!  Instead of having the YW memorize their parts, we used an overhead projector to make a teleprompter on the back wall of the RS room.


  • Could you send me your invite, program and name cards for the Evening in Excellence for Virtue. Thanks you and awesome work.

    • Sent! Good luck with your program.

    • I absolutely love your work and I am using this theme this year as well. Please send me a copy of all your stuff. I am one who never tries to reinvent the wheel so I really do appreciate what you have done. I am also playing the video found on Jenny Phillips webpage about waiting for something better. It’s just adorable!

      • Thanks Lori! I sent them to your email :)

  • Would you mind sending me your program, invitation, and name card documents? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

  • Could you send me your documents you did for this program? We would like to use this for our ward YWIE program…Thank You!

  • I am impressed with your ideas and excited to see what you come up with for our 2012 theme!

    • Patty, I just posted my 2012 bulletin board. Come back and check it out!

  • I love this idea on Virtue, we want to use
    virtue as our theme this year for ywie.
    Could I get all your documents for this?
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  • I love this! Will you please send me all of these files? We’re doing something similar for this year’s YW in Excellence program. Thank you sooooo much! I could have spent days and wouldn’t have come up with something nearly as cute. YAY!

  • These are beautiful! Could you please send me all of these files? I would love to use them for our YW in Excellence Program.
    Thank you!!

  • Aloha Amanda! Would love to have the Publisher files for all docs shown here. Great job and creativity.

  • will you send me a copy of your program template…. Thanks

  • Would you mind sending the copies of both the documents? Thanks for sharing your ideas and time.

  • would you please email me a copy of the invitation i could use? turned out great and would love to use for our program.

  • will you send me a copy of your program template…. Thanks

  • Would you mind emailing me your templates? carlyeparkes(at) gmail.com

  • Please send me a copy of the program, invitation, and cards. I love this theme.

  • Could you send these to me? They look great! Thanks!

  • Just what my wife was looking for. Could you forward copies of the templates? Thanks

  • I would love a copy of the template please! Thank you!

  • Hi I love these! Could you please send me a copy of the template?

  • This is amazing and just what I’ve been looking for — thank you for your creativity and style. I was wondering if you could send me your invite, program and name cards for the Evening in Excellence for Virtue. Thank you again – it is beautiful!!!

  • I was also wondering if you took pictures of your decorations for your Evening of Excellence? I have some ideas but my creativity is not very good where these things are concerned. Thank you! jamie :)

    • Jamie, I am always forgetting to take photos at YW events! It must be all of the hustle and bustle getting it all together. I’ll try to be better at that!

  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! They are perfect! :)

  • Can you please email me these files. I appreciate it very much. Thanks!

  • Can you please send me your program template? It’s exactly what I’ve been searching for. TIA!

    Ewa Beach, HI 1st ward YW Secretary

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