Grocery Shopping the Easy Way

     A few years ago I decided there had to be a better way to go grocery shopping.  I was tiered of trying to read a scribbled scrap of paper and walking from one end of the store to the other only to realize that I had to go back to the begininning because I forgot something.  So, I took matters into my own hands.


Easy Grocery Shopping List and Price Matching


     I made a grocery shopping list.  I organized it based on the store I shopped at most.  Each section is broken out by isle or catagory.  I filled in the list with the items I buy most.

     I also made a section for listing out the dinners I planned to have that week.

  Grocery Shopping List Template

     Now when I am getting ready to go to the grocery store I first grab a highlighter and mark all of the items I need to purchase for each of the planned meals.  Then I read each of the items on the list and they trigger my memory as to if I need to pick them up and give them a highlight too.


Grocery List Template

     These days the grocery store is a breeze, seriously.  I start at one end, cross off my list and I don’t forget stuff anymore.



    For the Frugal…I used to be a mad crazy coupon lady.  BUT, it drove me to the looney bin.  It took soooo much time, cutting, and the guilt!  If I purchased something without a coupon, forgot a coupon or missed out on a good deal, I felt like I let myself down.  Way too much drama for this mama (hehe).  That’s when I learned about Walmart’s price match even on groceries.  Wow, now that I can do (I hope you have a mega Walmart with groceries too)!

     I made up another section for the side of my shopping list.  This is how I work this deal.  I gather all of my grocery ads, especially the Spanish markets! After I have reviewed each one (well mainly just the front page where the best deals are) I write down the item, price and store the price is matching.

Price Match and Grocery Shopping List

     I shop with my list from above and hunt for a good checkout line.  You know the one where the checker is moving fast and seems to know what they are doing.  In my area the 2 closest Walmart’s have signs on a few of the checkouts specially made for coupons and price matching.  These are the best lines to choose because the checkers get it.  They usually have the prices memorized and I’ve even had them suggest a better price on items.


     Now for the checking out.  Start by laying down all of your NON price match items.  Then put down a divider bar.  Then lay down all of your price matches.  Let the checker ring up the regular items while you grab your list.  Let them know the divider is where the price matches begin.  Then, as each item goes to the scanner, tell the checker your price.  They don’t care where you are price matching, just that you know the correct price.  If you can, get the price worked out per item (ie. 3lbs of white onions for $0.99 could be broken down to $0.33/lb).

It is really that simple.  I used to make it more complicated by showing them the ads and where the prices were for each item and they asked me NOT to do it that way!  I love price matching now.

 Download my list below and print off a few copies so you are ready each week!

Printable Grocery Shopping List


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So get out there, shop with peace and confidence and get yourself a great deal!

And, if you are still on the coupon wagon, click the link below for great deals (note: my Walmart has double coupons on Tues, check your local store for more great deals).

I also have a Road Trip Pack List, just click the link below to read more:

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  • You’re crazy awesome woman. But you are making me a little insecure. I’m just saying. Can you please get some of your crap not together?! That would really make some of us feel a little better. At least I have some really bright red lipstick today.

  • So fantastic! Love this, love what your doing and can’t wait to see more :)

  • I am so glad I found you! I have seen people doing the whole price match thing and have always wondered how it all worked. This is definitely something I need to take advantage of! The coupon thing is overwhelming to me as well. Thanks for sharing your strategies!

  • I’m a huge believer in lists, this one you don’t even have to write! Good luck at the market everyone!

  • *Pinned*
    I love your thought process! I seriously cannot wait to go to the store right now :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • I love the list/store idea. What a fantastic way to keep organized. I do a lot of the running back through 3 aisles too.:)

  • That was me “the CRAZYcoupon lady” and it drove me to the looney bin too. I gave it up but miss the savings. I am glad I stumbled across your blog and cant wait to try your tips.

  • Great printout, thanks! Curious as to what Walmart locations you are referring to that have the designated price-matching lines. I’ll have to keep my eye out to see if my location has those too (I usually go to the 6200 S 5600 W & Jordan Landing locations in Utah).

    • Haylie, I got your comment while shopping at the Lindon Walmart! So…I snapped a photo of the price matching signs and put them in the post. I’m not sure if every Walmart has them or just the ones where the cheapskates are like Orem and Lindon. :)

  • I am truly fascinated by you! I love a list and you have truly inspired me to sort my untidy larder.

    Thanks for the shopping tips…I will have to convert/make up my own list for my superstore in th UK but it’s a great start for me.

    Thanks again,


  • Thanks for all the ideas! Your WalMarts have WAY nicer people than ours apparently! I’ll have to try scoping out the nicest looking person and see how it goes. :)

  • Our Walmart is horrible when you have price match items. During Christmas, the checker wanted to keep my paper. It also takes them forty forevers.

    • Major bummer Kristi. There are a lot of cheapskates where I live, so they must have figured it out before a riot broke out, ha ha. I’ve only had them take coupons from a competitors coupon ad (Winco) but they have NEVER even asked to see what I was price matching to! Too bad you can’t come shopping here with me :)

      • Great ideas for streamlining the shopping trip and the budget. I also tried crazy couponing-too stressful. Now I try to save $ 10 off the list by using 10 -$1.00 coupons only. These are for products I actually want.

  • I guess my Walmarts are kind of in the middle. They want my ads and sometimes (usually with buy product X for $$ get one free) want to call a CSM. I try to write the unit cost next to the X/$$ cost so it’s easier for the checker (I’ve had some that should go back to grade school to learn simple division). But it doesn’t usually take them very long. If I have a lot of price matches I look for the CSM, sometimes you can ask them to check you out because you have a lot of price matches and that’ll make it go faster too. At my primary Walmart, my CSM knows me and when I shop and who my favorite checker is and tends to hover nearby. And, yes, I am one of those CRAZY coupon ladies. But we’re so broke I can’t let it drive me to the loony bin.

    • Debra, It sounds like they are all over the map! You go on that coupon craze, I loved saving the money and I understand needing to do them more than you know. Keep your head held high knowing you are paying less than everyone else in line!

  • So happy I’m not the only one who has a printable list for WalMart! My hubby thinks I’m crazy but I’m always so pleased with my price matches and coupons. We have a great checker who has been with Walmart FOREVER and has all the badges to show it, she knows all the matches, better deals and will even dig a coupon out of her stash for her customers! I’m adding your list to my documents right now!

  • This is fabulous! When I make my list for the grocery store, I always write it out in order of the layout of the store…however, having these pre-printed forms would cut the time that takes in half! Would you mind emailing me the excel file you referred to so I can adjust it to fit the layout of my local store?
    Thanks, Kaylin

    • I sent it Kaylin! Happy shopping :)

      • I too would love an excel file to taller to my stores. I shop bulk items at BJ’s Wholesale, and this would be great. I normally have a word doc for each store I go to, which gets insane. With your list I can highlight what item I am buying from which store with different colors!!! One paper or event one portable document would be so much better. I am almost in tears thinking about the possibilities!!!

  • I LOVE this blog! I am so glad I came upon it, I’m a crazy organiser as well and it’s good to know I’m not the only nutter in the world who needs everything to match! I also love the shopping list idea, when ever I do my groceries I write down a list but end up not getting half the stuff I need because I’ve forgotten to put them down on the list, and then I end up buying all kinds of rubbish I don’t need or even want. This is perfect to get my shopping on order! Thank you again! I only wish we had a Walmart in England, but I suppose our local shops will have to do :)

    • Oh! Would it be possible to get the grocery list in Word format? My Adobe Reader is giving me a world of trouble for some reason…

  • Awesome post, thanks for sharing your grocery list with price matching. I just started doing that at WM. And coupons make me nuts too, love them, but I would get stressed when I was out and didn’t have them, etc… Your pantry is to die for. We have a decent sized one, but not a walk in to store all the appliances. I’d love that.

  • Can you also send the excel file to me? I would love to customize it for myself. What a fantastic idea!

  • I would LOVE the Excel file as well!! I have organized my list by aisle for years but never thought of having a master list like this. What a great way to make sure you remember everything!!

    Thank you!!

  • Hi Amanda! Thank you so much for this. I would also love to have this file in excel if it’s not too much trouble. I will definitely still give you credit for your hard work! Thanks for being so organized…It inspires the rest of us :)

  • Would you mind emailing me the excel file? This is an awesome list and I cant wait to personalize for my needs! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Love your blog!

  • Hi Amanda I am from Orem, I heard that the Utah county Wal-marts were doing a test on special coupon lanes to see if they want to go nationwide with the idea. So it may or may not last here….

    • That’s funny Tabby, I noticed recently that they took the signs down!

  • Love your ideas, Amanda. May I get a copy of your shopping list as well? Thanks so much.

  • Awesome. I have my shopping list on my (almost dinosaur) Palm phone and have it set up so when I add things from the database they are categorized by aisle at my Walmart. BUT, the database is just in alphabetical order and HUGE (anything I’ve ever added to this list app is in there…even if it’s not a grocery-shopping item). I try to scroll down thru it to “jog my memory” of things I need, but it’s overwhelming and I just give up.

    I love your section for price-matching. By the time I get to the checkout I forget if I have a random coupon (yeah, they never work for me either), let alone any better prices I might have seen before arriving. I must try this this week!

  • I think I’ll print 26 pages, that’s enough for shopping once a week for 6 month and make a pad out of them. Here’s a link for a how to make you own pad of paper.

  • Sorry everyone, but I am no longer sending the original excel file. Please use the downloadable one provided :)

  • I love having a pre-made shopping list! I do that too, but I keep mine in page protectors in a binder. I just mark what I need to get on that trip with a dry erase marker and erase it as I go through the store. That way, I can see quickly if I’ve missed anything and the list is ready for the next time.

  • Great list ! thank you for sharing. I have a question though — where did you put the milk? Or do you not buy it? I can add it to dairy, but I thought it might be in a better place that I did not see.

    Thanks again for all your help — dawn

    • Dawn! You’re right, I forgot milk! I’ll add it and update the list, sorry about that.

      • Amanda — I can’t believe I actually found something! Also, I can’t believe how quickly you responded. I am new to Pinterest and you have really given me a great impression of it. thanks, dawn

  • What I like to do with my price match items at Walmart is using sticky notes. I label all of the items that I am price matching with a sticky note with the price and the store that I am matching. I prepare all of my stickies the day before I go in to do my shopping. It makes all of the cashiers very happy. I will have to try the divider method with that as well. I have a copy of your list in my coupon binder at all times. I think I might start using it more.

  • Hi! I would love the link to print this. Your link is not working for me. Thank you or sharing your creations!

  • I am SO glad I found your blog! I’m a list-maker & I just love your attention to detail. I have an app on my phone that helps me categorize my grocery list (Our Groceries), but this is just fabulous. Could you possibly email me the excel file you referred to so I can adjust it to fit the layout of my local store?


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  • I would love to have the excel spread sheet to customize it for my store, I love this master list very easy for the whole family to check off as they use the items up!

    • Kristian, I’m not giving out a workable version yet. Stay tuned for it soon. Thanks!

  • I have to say I like your method for easy grocery shopping but, I work at Walmart and the policy states that you have the actual ad whether a paper copy or on your phone when ad matching otherwise we cannot as match it.

  • i found flipp to be a great table phone computer app .but it dose work in some stores,so on the computer you can print out the deals it has them all. and the sales,if you are on a low budget it helps to look there first and then plan your morning day ,evening shopping list,
    Walmart has a great app to if your a Walmart shopper. called saving catcher ! it is the best for Walmart dollars very easy to use, just get a free blue bird card another get tool for load the extra money you save price matching very easy for anyone to use.example 4.95 item using those tools you get it for 1.99 von has the good deals with the vons card but Walmart is the only one the that has price matching and sometime you need to show them the add they at first honored the 5 items for 0.40 each
    But some old Nelly made her on rules and that’s not price matching but still. you’ll next need to show its with in a 5 mile from the store. flipp if you can get to working in the Walmart store show just type in the zip code and they will honor it,but other wise save those add many time they have them there and I’ve tried to get the rules form the corporate office but no reply.
    Sincerely the shopper

  • looking good

  • nice post

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