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Please welcome my friend Holly to Burlap & Denim
Hello! My name is Holly Marsh, and I blog at Life as a Thrifter.  I am thrilled to be guest posting today!  Although I used to teach kindergarten, I now stay at home with a busy toddler!  Along the way, I developed an obsession for thrifting, and these days nap times are most often spent sanding or spray painting!  Whether it’s a beat-up piece of furniture or a worn out pair of jeans, I have the greatest time producing something new out of something old . . . and blogging all about it!  

I’ve compiled a few of my most favorite projects to share with you today.  All of which are super cheap and ridiculously easy!

This was a recent project I did using a few old hangers and (homemade) pictures.

This door display was made using a thrifted embroidery hoop, a large piece of burlap and fabric paint.  Once you’ve painted your monogram on the burlap (I used a stencil to make things extremely easy), you simply put the burlap in your hoop.  You could seriously do this in less than a nap time.

Christmas Record Art

Old records are at just about every thrift store around! Make this large art display by gluing old Christmas album covers to a large piece of plywood.


Be sure to click on each project link if you’d like to see more details. A very special thanks to Amanda for allowing me to share with you today!  I hope you’ll stop by Life as a Thrifterand check out more!Happy hunting, everyone!





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