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A Piece of Nature: Moss and Pine Cone Wreath

Pine Cone Wreath Tutorial

     I’ve been poking around on Pinterest loving all of the amazing front door wreaths.  I decided to make my own.  After a little inspiration I opted for a pine cone wreath.  I went to the park in the center of town where we have an arboretum (fancy for a lot of different trees in one space).  It is very well maintained so I doubted my little buddy Will and I would find any, but to my surprise there were loads!  Under the pine trees the landscapers left a a large circle untouched.  Under all of the pine trees there were pine needles and some had pine cones.  We went in November in Utah and about half of the pine trees had cones under them depending on the variety.  We chose cones from three diferent species of trees to add texture and variety.  We gathered three grocery sacks full of free pine cones in about 10 min!

Hot Glue, Pine Cones, Moss

     Once we got home I couldn’t wait to start glueing those cones into a wreath!  Another Pinterest trick came to mind…take a foam pipe cover from a home center, tape it and use it as a wreath base!  Well…don’t do that for this.  (I did and we’ll talk about that later)  If I were doing it over again, I’d buy one of those straw forms or a grapevine wreath and wrap it in burlap or something so that there is more surface area to glue the pine cones to.

Pine Cone and Moss Wreath

  This tutorial is full of what NOT to do’s so read carefully.

     I thought I’d cover the foam with some burlap strips I had so that if anyone saw through the pinecones to the base, they’d see the burlap instead of the foam.  It ended up that after I started gluing, the cones didn’t fit close enough together for my tastes, so I started shoving bits of moss I purchased from a craft store (13 years ago!  I knew it would come in handy some day).  I LOVED the natural look of the moss tucked in all the spaces.  It filled in any cracks and covered any of my messy hot glue.  I don’t know about you, but I am NOT a master of the hot glue gun.  I never know where that glue is going to land, especially when I am glueing tiny edges of pine cones together.  The moss proved to be the perfect coverup for my imperfections.

Moss and Pine Cone Wreath


     Don’t let the simplicity of this project fool you, it took like 5 hours to glue all those cones on.  Granted, this is a HUGE wreath, but that’s what I wanted for a front door, mantle or wall decoration.  Bigger is always better if you ask me.

     If you keep your wreath form flat on your work surface then when you are finished it should lay flat on your door.  It works well if you glue the cones that touch the work surface first and then work your way to the top.  Just be sure that you rotate the cones in all different directions.  Also, if you have broken or munched cones, they work great if you glue the smashed side down (it actually has more gluing surface area).

Pine Cone and Moss Wreath

     Because I made mine with the foam base, it was too flexible under the weight of all of the glue and cones.  My husband cut out a flat circle from an extra piece of Masonite.  Then I hot glued the Masonite to the foam back.  I went around the entire wreath hot gluing as many of the pine cones to each other as possible.  Moss was tucked into any exposed glue or burlap.

Sturdy Up the Wreath

     I hung the wreath on my front door using a traditional over the door wreath hanger.  Then I covered the hanger with one strip of burlap and a brown ribbon on top of that and taped them to the inside of the door to stay put.  Then I added a brown satin ribbon to cover the front hook of the hanger.

Pine Cone Wreath Tutorial
I love all of the natural colors and textures.  The front of my house has a lot going on the all of the red brick, so I like the simplicity of the greens and browns on the black door. Pine Cone Wreath Tutorial

I have to admit, I am already thinking about how I can dress this up for the inside of my house

for Christmas! Pine Cone Wreath Tutorial

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  • This looks awesome! I love the addition of the moss. Great job! I’m a new follower. I hope you follow me back, but no pressure.

  • Love it!

  • If you wake up tomorrow and the wreath is missing from your door, don’t call me. I swear I don’t know where it is. :-)

  • That is one gorgeous wreath, well done! I am trying the pipe wrap taped into a circle for some lightweight yarn wreaths, hope it works. Adding the moss between the cones is a wonderful idea! I have a bag of moss which is really brown so I’m hoping I can perk it up with some craft paint. Kudos!

  • What a great idea, using moss like that for the gaps. I have a box of pinecones I collected and I have just been waiting for the right project. Thanks!

  • I think this turned out beautiful, never would have thought to use the moss. I have to try this. Thanks for the idea!

  • What is the paint color of your front door? Thanks!

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  • What is the color on your front door, please?

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