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Wall Mural Drama: Part 4 Surfing Sunset

So I saved the best, or at least my favorite, for last.  Growing up in San Diego I loved going to the beach.  Once I moved to Utah for school I missed it desperatly!  We decided that one of the boys rooms would be a surfing theme and since we visit So. Cal they would love it too.  It worked, we’ve had two boys trade off being in the surfing room and both loved it.

(NOTE: If you haven’t read the other parts to the series, check them out here: Part 1 World Map, Part 2 Star and Stripes, Part 3 Arches)

I started out looking in the Pottery Barn Teen catalog at their wall mural posters.  There were a few surfing themes but they weren’t large enough for the wall I wanted to cover and they were $99, plus shipping.  Not gonna work.


Too Expensive and Too Small

Internet searches for beachy images didn’t turn up much.  Then I went to and found several that would work.

I right clicked and copied the image and then pasted it in Microsoft Publisher.  I blew it up to cover the page and printed it off.  I used my old sheet protector trick and slipped the image inside.  Then with a fine sharpie I traced along the lines.

It wasn’t quite wide enough to fill the bedroom wall so I added a palm tree to the right side (by the same artist) to extend it.  I just printed off another image by the same artist and traced the tree off to the side.

Surfing Wall Mural Tutorial

With my overhead projector set up, I retraced the image on the wall with a pencil.

Now for the fun part.  We taped off the entire room, opened the window and put an old fan pointing outside to suck the air out of the room.  Then my husband got out an inexpensive compressed air paint sprayer for small projects.  I’m pretty sure he bought it at Harbor Freight.


Air Brushed Sunset Surfing Mural


I grabbed old paint from other projects and thought the colors would work for this one.  Dark Red, Orange, and Yellow.  Justin did the spraying starting with the red.  He layed down a thick layer being sure to cover the entire white area with the dark red paint.  Then he gradually moved tward the center.  Then he mixed in some of the orange paint and lightly covered the center part of the red to make them blend.  He followed that up with the yellow until it was just yellow in the center.

Airbrush Sunset Surfing Mural

The hard part was completed in about an hour!  A lot of taping and prep work to get to that point, but as we removed all the plastic our work paid off.


Now for the detail.  I got out my tiny brushes and started filling in all of the pencil lines. I had a dark navy mixed up for the shadows and the rest of the paints I had on hand.  This took FOREVER!!!  I was pregnant and would get light headed up on my bar stool while I painted so I tool many breaks (I had the window open of course).

DIY Airbrush Sunset Surfing Mural

This room has a long way to go, or at least to complete all of the projects I have planned for it!  But, I love how the mural turned out and so does my son Luke who runs the place now.  My surfboard is up on one of the walls and just below his snowboard.

Sunset Surfing Mural Room

  DIY Airbrush Sunset Surfing Mural

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  • You have GOT to be kidding me. You PAINTED that?! Unbelievable! I might need to see an action shot to believe it. :-) Seriously though… that’s amazing!

  • I have mural fever :) Great inspiration. I would love to know more about the bed in the surf room.

    • Rebecca, the bed is from Costco about 5 years ago, it’s Pottery Barn knockoff.

  • Do you know what the file numbers were for the pictures you used from istockphoto.

  • This is crazy awesome. I would love to know more about the denim quilt. I have about 45 pairs of old jeans that I don’t wear (cough cough…don’t fit) and I knew I was holding onto them for some reason!

  • Thanks so much.
    I hope its alright but I just used ur picture and painted this on my daughters wall. Thank u so much. She loves it

  • looking good

  • nice post

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