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Red, Gold and Burlap Christmas Open House

So it’s about time I put up a few shots of my Christmas decor for this year.  It’s been a crazy season this year with the kids last day of school today!  I cleaned up enough to take some photos but I don’t anticipate it staying this way for long.  That’s life with four boys in the house.  Here goes this Christmas open house.


This is my tree in the corner of our family room.  Instead of a star I gathered a few feathers, gold shiny stuff and coppery glitter leaves and strapped them to the top of the tree.  For the second year in a row I gave my tree a boost!  Since I have a toddler, I put the tree on top of a children’s table. Red Gold and Burlap Christmas


I stuff my tree with anything and everything I can find. Red Gold and Burlap Christmas


These are a few of my favorite ornaments including my

Advent Calendar Boxes. Red Gold and Burlap Christmas

I LOVE these gold flat Nativity ones.

Red Gold and Burlap Christmas


I cut old red fabric in strips and filled it in the holes.  I gathered old greenery and even threw in some grapes.  I also added my Merry Christmas burlap ribbon.  My favorite throw in is this red glitter garland. Red Gold and Burlap Christmas


Anything red, gold, green or orange gets stuffed in my 9′ Costco prelit tree.

Red Gold and Burlap Christmas


The two dimmers are a MUST!  I love to keep the lights on all the time and when I dim it the lights they look gold and copper.  It makes it possible to see the ornmanents and details instead of being blinded by the lights.
Red Gold and Burlap Christmas


I am lucky enough to have two vintage sleighs, one from my father and one from my father in law.  Here is the one inside filling the space at the bottom of the tree (the other is on the front porch).

Red Gold and Burlap Christmas


My awesome friends Heather and Dan gave me this old door and I threw it in a corner with garland and a great Santa painting my mother in law gave me for Christmas years ago.

Red Gold and Burlap Christmas

She actually took a catalog cover, painted it with a clear paint medium and framed it up!  Very clever Carol!

Red Gold and Burlap Christmas


The antlers my son Luke dug up from our neighbors garbage needed a little somethin’ somethin’. Red Gold and Burlap Christmas

At our house the presents don’t go under the tree (too much peaking and unwrapping).  They go way up above the front door on a shelf.  My stockings are tied on the railing where they are easily accessed by the little boys Christmas morning.  I made these stockings a few years ago with plenty of girth to fit DVD’s and whatever else Santa might  want to fill them with.

Red Gold and Burlap Christmas
I hope you have a Merry Christmas and that your
stockings are filled with JOY.


  • Natural and glittery Christmas all at the same time!

  • Was wondering where you bought the nativity flat ornaments. I broke two flat ornamnets I purchased two years ago at Macy’s and cannot find flat ornaments anywhere one the web

    • Theresa,
      I bought them at Hobby Lobby. They put out their Christmas stuff right after Halloween and it is always 40% off. I’d check there next year.

  • Hi there. You mentioned that you put tree on top of a children’s table. Could u tell me what u wrapped it with. Thxs:)

    • Melisa, I just grabbed some un-hemmed green fabric and used clothes pins to hold them in place. Happy decorating!

  • […]  I am honestly in love with this.  I usually raise my tree up to give it more drama, but this takes the cake.  The weathered wood and burlap add such a natural feel to my “fake” tree and the crate gives a cleaner crisper look than a traditional tree skirt or fabric like I used on last years tree. […]

  • I love Christmas! It’s my favorite time of the year. And I usually do decorations and DIY projects. Just in case I have some free time this year, I’ll try to make it so beautiful, as you did.
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