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Winter Snow Globes

I know, EVERYONE is pinning snow globes on Pinterest.  But these are so cute, I had to make them!  My technique is a little different than many of the others you’ve probably seen, but I love each and every one! Glass Jar Snow Globes


  • Glass Jars
  • Fake Snow
  • Ornaments
  • Trees
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Patience
  • Skinny Hands (or tongs)
Let me give a little bloggie advice about the supplies:
1. Glass Jars-I cleaned out my fridge and found a few gems.  The upside down short fat one is from Costco’s Better than Bullion but a nacho cheese jar would work for that size too.  As for the tall jars, Walmart had an amazing deal.  12 jars for $6!  And they have a great shape and a green cast all making them prefered to the traditional Kerr or Ball brands.  The mid sized Kerr jar pictured was one I had in my cupboard already.
2. Fake Snow-I used a large flake called Frosty Snow; Realistic Decorative Snow because I had it and it was freebe from my mom.  Some bloggers have used really fine snow that would look great too.
3. Ornaments-I searched all over for good priced ornaments that were the proper scale.  The little deer were the most difficult to find.  I searched party supply stores, cake decorating stores, and craft stores.  I found these at the now discontinued “Roberts Craft”.  All of the other ornaments came from Hobby Lobby.  They had great prices, all 50% off of course.  My advise there?  Go the day after Halloween and buy anything you like cause it will be gone AND it will be on sale 50% then too.  Mark your calendars for next year!  (skip JoAnn, their ornaments are a RIPOFF)
4. Trees-Walmart was my best source.  They had tiny bushes $0.50, small trees $0.75 and medium trees for $1 (their large trees didn’t fit in any of my jars).  Walmart’s trees varied from all white, light and dark green with a dusting of snow, and bright glitter green.  They are in the tiny Christmas Village department.
5. Hot Glue Gun-Most bloggers suggested an epoxy glue, but I stuck with the good ole glue gun.  It dried quick on the glass and if you messed up, it was easy to peel right off and start fresh.  Someone suggested 700 Glue-NO WAY!  I bought this stuff and it was garbage, at least with this project.
6. Patience-Getting these just right takes time.  Shopping for just the right deer, santa, and trees almost made me loose faith in the whole project.  Once I found these critters, I pressed on and got my reward.
7. Skinny Hands (or tongs)- If you are doing these with the critters on the bottom getting them standing up is tricky.  I used tongs for some things, but jamming my hand in the jar worked best.


Glass Jar Snow Globes

OK, for the how to.  Pick your jar and decide if you like the creatures or ornaments on the bottom or the top.  If it is the bottom, glue the tiniest  piece in the center (or close to) so that the snow falls around it and doesn’t hide him.  If you are putting it in the lid, cut cardboard circles small enough to fit inside the mouth of the jar.  I cut 3-4 for each one.  Then hot glue them together and glue your ornaments on them (do a dry fit before gluing).  Once your trees and Santa’s, reindeer or whatever else is glued down, it’s time for the snow.  Add a small handful until the bottom is covered but doesn’t hide your new friends.  If you want you can hang a small Merry Christmas sign (also from the now closed “Robert’s”) with a glue gun dot on the string from the top of the jar lid.  I oriented it close to the front so it wouldn’t hit the trees.

Glass Jar Snow Globes

These are so fun, I made them for guests as a take-a-way at my Very Merry Christmas table setting and I let my kids make one for their teachers (they are chomping at the bit to give them to them too)!

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