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Graphic Art of Sundance

2011-2012 All Season Passes

We live just minutes from the famous Sundance ski resort (15 to be exact).  My oldest son bought a season pass and my next oldest boy is taking lessons this year.  Driving up to the beautiful site has reminded me what an amazing place Utah is.  It also reminded me how in love with their graphic artist I am.  His name is Roger Jones and has a design studio in SLC called Poolhouse Design.  There are billboards around town reminding locals how close we are to the resort.  I adore the owls in this night skiing one.

There are great shops (including the items from the Sundance Catalog), amazing restaurants and of course the skiing and snowboarding.

All could be bought with this adorable gift card.

The monochromatic color scheme says nature and Sundance.

The perfect setting for The Sound of Music.

Love the color scheme, mustard and fuchsia.

Here is their facebook image.  Love.

In the summer, the Alpine Loop where Sundance is situated is beautiful,

full of Quaking Aspens shown below in brown.

tree room

This is now on my offical to do list for the fall.

Who knows what amazing treasures I could find!

Harvest Market

Of course I love this one, I love anything with blue and tan.

Blue Bird Cafe

This would be so fun!  Pricey, but fun.

OK, that was sort of rambling, but I hope you like the art,

cause that is what I really wanted to share.  I’d like to find out if I could buy these, wouldn’t they look cute up my house?



  • I enjoy these too and yes they’d look great in your house. Try calling Sundance. Somebody HAS to know!

  • I love these, too! They would be adorable as art in your home, and since you live so close, they’d be meaningful too! I’d even put them up and I live across the country and have never been to Utah :)

  • Hi Amanda, it is actually my design studio, Poolhouse Desgin, in Salt Lake that did this work. I have been doing the design for Sundance Resort since 2004. I am glad you like all the art that we work so hard to do.

    thanks roger

    • Roger! You are amazing! I searched all over to find out who had made the art and give you credit! I’ll edit the post with your info. I’m totally crushing on your work.

  • looking good

  • nice post

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