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Indoor Garden Lights of Summer

There is nothing like a warm summer night in the back yard, sitting under the romantic clear globe lights, roasting marshmellows over a fire pit, and enjoying the aromas of fragrant roses and honeysuckle.  Well, it looks pretty amazing in all of the photos on Pinterest.  My backyard is void of lights and a fire pit for now, but I do have the roses and  honeysuckle!  Here in Utah it is super cold and the dead of winter.  Christmas just ended and I’ve missed the glow of my Christmas tree and lite up garlands.  So, I had an idea. How about I bring that feeling of warm summer and cozy Christmas together!  I rounded up my round globe string lights that have been waiting to be used for at least 5 years.  I bought them after season on sale at Target.  I think they should be out again in the big box stores soon.

Stringed Globe Lights Indoors

Globe String Lights Indoors

I plugged them in to make sure they still worked.

Globe String Lights Indoors

I grabbed a hammer, tiny picture hanging nails and strung the lights together.

Globe String Lights Indoors

 With the help of my sweetie we started at one corner and swagged them 3 times back and forth.

Globe String Lights Indoors

As usual with stringed lights inside, I plugged them into a dimmer for easy on/off and so we could adjust them.  At night they glow beautifully.  I can turn them up to full and use them as a light source in our niche or turn them to low and they glow warm like mini Edison bulbs while we watch TV.

Globe String Lights Indoors

During the day they bring a little light to our built in niche. Garden Lights Indoors

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  • I really like this idea!! very cool

  • I love it ! ! ! How can I use this idea at my house?? Down the hall wall in a fun chevron design to use as a night light? Perhaps in the bathroom as a nightlight again. I might use it in front of a window that has only a bare tree and snow view. The incandescent bulbs could really warm that up.
    I can’t wait to get started ! ! !

  • So pretty and adds such a nice festive touch indoors. This would great for parties and entertaining. I am a new FB fan visiting from Show and Tell Saturday. Vicky from Mess For Less

  • I LOVE this! It’s so fun and if I can sell my son on it for his chalkboard wall in his room, I think he’d love it too! A dimmer… you’re brilliant. :)

    Shared this on FJI Facebook and pinned for SNS 116. :)



    • Donna,
      I’m honored! Your blog is such an inspiration!!! I’m a Junkie for sure.

  • Love this look! I’ve considered doing this somewhere in my house, and now that I see how great it looks, I’m in!

  • I love your website, im truly hooked x

  • looking good

  • nice post

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