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New Beginnings: An Invitation and Program for Young Women

For everyone in the Young Women’s organization New Beginnings is right around the corner.  It is a great time when we welcome new12 year old girls into the Young Women program.  I made up an invitation and program if anyone would like to use it.  When I think of new beginnings and young women, a plants always come to mind.  I incorporataed a tree showing what they could become as they follow the YW program.  A theme from our stake last year was also incorporated into the bottom corner “Live Like You Believe”.

I made this very inexpensive to reproduce.  I made it all in shades of gray so that it could be printed on your libraries copy machine.  Instead of plain white paper, I suggest (and used) a cream peralescent cardstock.  You can find it at JoAnn’s.  It comes in a tear pad of 25 sheets, 8.5Xll and is heavy weight.  It is called Pearls.  I don’t remember how much it was, but with a coupon, it was a great deal.

Here is the invite.  Four fit on one sheet.

This is the front of the program.   Three fit on a sheet.

Here is the back of the program.  It lists all of the Young Women.  It also lists all of the major activities of the year so the parents can calendar their year.  I chose the starburst design in reference to the 2012 theme Arise and Shine Forth.  Again, three fit per page.

I am including the Microsoft Publisher files if you want to just change the text to fit your Young Women’s program.

Click HERE to DOWNLOAD the .pub files


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  • Thank you so much for sharing this.
    I love the design and the theme
    “live like you believe”. i was reading your program and for the presentation of Young women values they are in other rooms around the church which I think is brilliant. What did you have set up in those rooms?
    thank you so much for sharing your awesome skills!

    • Camille,
      Thanks! Each of the Laurels were assigned a value. In a small classroom they each set up a table with a tablecloth that was the value color (two girls and two values to a room). They explained their value and talked about projects they had worked on in those values. The parents and other YW were divided up in to groups and went from room to room learning about each value.

  • I love your invitations and programs but do not have publisher. I have a mac with an older version of office that does not have publisher. Can you convert it to a word document? Thanks

    • Unfortunately the layout doesn’t transfer well into other programs. Sorry Chris!

  • I was wondering where you found the Charlemagne Std font. I’ve searched all over and I only found where I can purchase it for $29.99. I was hoping to find it for free. Would you be able to email it or post it on here?

    • Oh gosh Rebekah! When I made the invitations I didn’t have a blog or think about giving them away. I have so many random fonts from all kinds of places so I don’t know where I got it. Try looking for a substitute I guess. Sorry. On future publications I look for fonts people can easily find for free.

  • Thanks so much for sharing your ideas. This is providing lots of inspiration for our New Beginnings program.

  • Thanks for sharing this! What are the font names used for the invitation? I saw one mentioned in a previous comment (Charlemagne Std font), but need the others.

  • Dafont.com has a similar font to the one used for most of the information given on the program and invitation. The font is called Pupcat and can be found at the following link:

    • Ahh, thank you Sarah! Yes, Pupcat is one of my favorites to use for YW projects.

  • Hi Amanda. How did you put together your New Beginnings program? Did you use staples? Doesn’t look like you can fold them since there are multiple copies on one page. Just curious how you did it. Thanks for the great ideas!

    • Julie,
      I didn’t connect them, I just ran them off with the picture on both sides. The layout is made so that you can print one of each side off at home, take them to your ward library’s copier and run them off with one image on each side. Cut with their paper cutter and you are ready to go! Hope it all works out for you.

    • Sorry….Amanda. I was thinking of someone I know name Camille when I wrote your name. :)

  • How do i take this and enter our own ward details onto it? It’s the first one I’ve found which I definatley would like to use.

    • Do you have Microsoft Publisher? If yes, then download the files at the end of the post. If not, find someone in your ward that does and ask for their help :) .

  • truly so sweet of you to share!! i love that i found your blog xoxo

  • I LOVE these invitations & programs and am so sad because I use a mac and can’t find anyone with publisher. Is there any chance you’d be willing to share the tree image so I could try to create something similar on my own?

  • Thank you, thank you a million times over for sharing this! I am completely inept at creating these types of things and needed an invite for New Beginnings this year. I am grateful!

  • thank you so much, I love it!!
    I don’t have experience with computer programs, but this help me a lot with my invitations in young women:)

  • Thank you for these templates! I reworked them and created beautiful programs and invites for my daughter’s baptism. If you would like the templates I made to include on here I would be glad to send them to you. :-)

  • Here it is six years since you created this post and it is still so helpful. I am a new secretary and feel so uncertain about how to do things like programs and such. I was able to download your program and rework them for our New Beginnings here in 2018. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

  • looking good

  • nice post

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