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Rattan Ball Pendant Lights

It must be obvious by now, but I am obsessed with lighting!  The right light fixture can be a work of art, it can illuminate the area around it and tell a story, and I think the incandescent bulb is a beautiful little miracle in itself.  There is nothing quite like the warmth of candlelight but the incandescent bulb is the next best thing (don’t get me started on my HATE of all things florescent, no one has time for that rant).  This project shows off the glow of the modern incandescent stringed lights perfectly.

Woven Pendant Lights

This project started the way most of mine do, a call from someone getting rid of stuff.  This time it was my mom.  She had these three great wicker basket weave balls.  They were used as decor on a shelf or something.  She had no use for them and I jumped with joy when I saw them.  I knew imedietly that they would become some sort of light balls.  I thought about going with a single bulb pendant light inside each one, but I wanted more of a glow, and that’s what I got.


Rattan Balls (mine are 12″, 10″, and 10″)

3 White strings of white Christmas lights

3 White extension cords

Thumb Tacks

Ribbon (mine is burlap)

Automatic Timer

This is a diagram of how I laid out my pendants over my kitchen island.  This gave me the cleanest celing with the least amount of cords and plug ins.  If you are making more than one light, follow these instructions carefully.


White String Lights and Extension Cord Layout


1. String the lights and extension cord together first.  Start with one string of lights, then cord, then lights, then cord then lights, then the last cord.


2. Shove the first string of lights into the ball.  Also shove the entire plug  from the extension cord inside.  Then into the next ball, shove the middle group of lights and both ends of the extension cords inside.  Finally, shove the extension cord outlet and last string of light into the last ball.  Be sure not to put the entire extension cord into the last ball, just the junction of the white lights and the cord.

Wicker Ball Pendant Lights

3. Measure how long you would like each ball to hang and cut ribbon a little longer.  Tie the ribbon (mine is burlap from Home Depot’s garden department that I also stenciled HERE) Wicker Ball Pendant Lights

4. Pin ribbon to the ceiling and pull the extension cord to the next hanging spot.

Burlap Hung Lights

5. Secure the extension cord with thumb tacks to lay flat.

Wicker Ball Pendant Lights

6. Continue until all three are hung.

7. Plug in the final cord to a timer.  I don’t want to climb up and down to turn these beauties on, so a timer assures me they are used.  I have mine set from 11am to 11pm.  Then plug the timer into an outlet.  I have an outlet inside my upper cabinets in my kitchen.  If you have an over the stove microwave, you have one too!  You may need to drill a hole in the top of your cabinets and fish an additional extension cord there.

Wicker Ball Pendant Lights

The glow and twinkle from these adorable little light balls is perfect.  As mentioned before, I have them on ALL DAY!  They do not provide a work surface light, but they make me happy every time I look at them.

Woven Pendant Lights


Seriously, look at that glow!!!
(The white string helps bounce the light around inside the ball) Woven Pendant Lights
The three lights all together over my kitchen island.
Woven Pendant Lights
 I think they would look great in a dark corner of a room or as a night light in a hallway or bathroom.
Here they are glowing at night.  I love the design they make on the ceiling.


  • Love your style!!!

    • Thanks Dusty! It’s comments like yours that make me want to create something new!

  • I love these!! They are gorgeous!! If only my mom had some wicker balls to pass on to me!!!

  • Hi Amanda
    New follower via pinterest. Love the lighted wicker balls! Love your website.. it’s so clean and neat. I’m in process of getting my redesigned. Any suggestions on tutorials on this topic? It’s a little overwhelming!
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    • Laura,
      Thanks for following Burlap & Denim! My site is self hosted (through GoDaddy) so I have a lot more options than blogspot. I searched free templates till I found a few I liked. Then I plugged them in and “tried” each one on till I loved my current theme. I agree with you, it is VERY overwhelming. I took my first month and mostly worked on layout and setup. I thought of it like a puzzle and I still have a few pieces that I need to rotate and fit into place. I don’t know of any tutorials, good luck, you have some great ideas on your site, keep working!

  • Very creative. Love them.

  • Where do you purchase rattan balls that are so big? I’m searching all over the internet and can’t seem to find any!


    • Abigail, Mine were gifted to me when my mom didn’t want them any more. I just saw some at a local thrift shop, but I’m sure that doesn’t help you at all. I’ll let you know if I see them at a retail store.

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  • very nice, pls show video ….how t knitted this round lamp

  • looking good

  • nice post

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