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Antique Crystal Chandelier

Have you ever had something in your house that you LOVED.  Something that if you moved you’d surely take it with you, even write it into the contract…it’s one of your Favorite Things.  Well, I was working on an open house post for my front room and couldn’t stop taking photos of my antique crystal chandelier.

When we were building our first house, the french cottage, I did a lot of antique, vintage, and funky shopping.  I went to a shop in Salt Lake’s art district called Elemente.  It is full of odd furniture, art and the owner is pretty funky herself.  Anyway on one trip we found this beautiful chandelier for only $100!

Favorite Things

It was love at first site.  The arms and base look like antique silver.  It is loaded with faceted crystals that sparkle.   We took it home and hung it in our dinning room.  It was stunning.  When it came time to sell that house I made sure to have our realtor write the chandelier out of the contract.  The chandelier and I were not ready to part.

Favorite Things

When we built our current home I stuck it in my Cowboy Nursery.  My sister thought I was crazy to have it tucked up in a baby’s room, but I imagined it in an old saloon making it fit great in my baby’s room.  Plus, it gives off a ton of light.

Favorite Things

Now this beauty has a new home in the front room of our main floor.  It is hardwired to the ceiling and of course I asked my husband to install a dimmer switch for any time of day or night lighting.  I have had a few offers to purchase this treasure but to me it is irreplaceable and my grip is tight so it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Favorite Things

You may be wondering how she found a silver crystal antique chandelier for $100?  OK, here is the awesome part.  Lean in a little and I’ll tell you a secret.  After we purchased her and were carrying the spare box the sales clerk laid her in out to the car we realized she was…plastic.  Yep, light weight plastic.  I think it must have been made in the 60′s or 70′s.  Do I mind having a plastic chandelier?  NO WAY!  honestly, the ONLY way you would ever know if you picked it up.  Even at eye level, you can’t tell.

Favorite Things

So there you have it.  My antique crystal (and plastic) chandelier.  One of my very favorite things.  What are your favorite things?

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  • I remember thinking the same thing as your sister when I first saw it in Sam’s(?) room years ago!! I love it!

  • Amazing!!!!! I am determined to have a chandelier in every room of the house. Love em!

  • Love it! We have a chandelier in every room that does not have a ceiling fan, even the tiny master bath and now as I’m updating the decor/painting I am trying to plan the chandeliers into the rooms so that they stay!

  • I really like this in silver. I have several of these and some I have left brass and others I have painted white, but this silver works for me too. Great look.

  • I have one almost just like it , a little different but i can not figure out what the base is made of it is extremly heavy the cups and top are no doubt plastic. If you have any info please let me know thanks

    • Not sure Jessica. But I hope you love yours as much as I love mine, plastic and all.

  • looking good

  • nice post

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