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$11 Bulletin Board

Recently I was asked to make over a cubicle (more on that in a later post).  The budget was $50 for the entire makeover so I had to get creative, real creative.  I wanted to create one spot for all of the clients photos, mementos, and awards.  A way to make them special, highlight them.


  • 1 yard Background fabric (mine is a linen look a like from Hancock Fabrics $9 on sale)
  • 4″ Burlap roll available HERE or cut down any burlap or fabric you have (mine was from Home Depot for wrapping trees and is only available in the fall)
  • Mini Clothes Pins (Hobby Lobby $2 with coupon)
  • Stain or Paint (I used my sisters wood stain that happened to be the perfect gray/aqua)
  • Twine
  • If you are not using this in a cubicle, you could attach it to the wall with silver thumb tacks, one in each corner and a few on each side to hold the twine in place (our dollar store has 300 pins gold or silver for a buck)

Cut the fabric to fit the space.  Cut four pieces of burlap, one for each side, matching the length of that side.  Iron the burlap in half lengthwise.

Cubicle Bulletin Board

Pin and sew the burlap over the edge of the fabric.

Linen Burlap Cubicle Bulletin Board

Stain the clothes pins.  I used a chip brush and got in the cracks first, then dumped them into a disposable cup, poured stain over them and stippled them with the brush until they were coated.  Really easy.  Then let them dry on a garbage bag/drop cloth on my counter.

Cubicle Bulletin Board

Putting the board up was more difficult than anticipated.  I had planned on using silver thumb tacks all the way around the border, like nail heads, securing the board to the cubicle wall.  Unfortunately these walls had another plan.  They were foamy and thick.  So, like Mc Guiver we used what we had.  Thanks to a tip from a camera man, we popped the top off the cubicle wall and tucked the top under it and snapped it back on.  That took care of the top.  The sides were pined at an angle with straight pins (thank you Kimberly and Darin).  Those same pins held the twine hung from side to side.  A few clothes pins hold all the photos and mementos.

Cubicle Bulletin Board

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