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Eggs & Chick Easter Sack

Recently I ordered a plain burlap bag from one of my sponsors,

It is a plain bag and sells for less than a buck!  It is approximately 12″ wide and 20″ long.

Burlap & Linen Easter Bag

I wanted to dress it up for Easter, so here is what I did.

First I added a cuff along the top of the bag.  This gave it body and a finished look.  Start with the bag right side out, sew the fabric on top of the top edge.  Then tuck all of the fabric inside the bag.  Turn the bag inside out and secure the bottom of the fabric to the bag so it doesn’t pop up.  Turn the bag right side out and fold down the fabric as far as you like (for me this varied depending on where I was using the bag).

Burlap & Linen Easter Bag

Second I found a graphic I liked, actually I layered and re-sized three different images (Eggs and Chick for Burlap Easter Bag).  I printed off the template, cut out each layer and traced them.  The large egg on natural linen look fabric, the small egg on Robin’s Egg linen look fabric, and the chick on the same as the large egg.  I cut each one out of their fabrics.  I did a quick stitch around the large egg to add texture.  Then I layered them on top of each other and ironed them together using Heat ‘n Bond seam tape.

Burlap & Linen Easter Bag

Wait, first I wanted to show you my first attempt.  I thought painting a little chick on the large egg would be cute, but it looked tacky and the blue didn’t match the cuff.

Burlap & Linen Easter Bag

Here it is all assembled.  I love how the linen look fabric dresses up the burlap.  It adds a softness, perfect for a fluffy Spring chick.

Burlap & Linen Easter Bag

My initial plan was to use it for my little Rockie’s Easter basket this year.  The rest of the kids in our house have cute matching light blue pails that are no where to be found since we added him to our family.  Here is the sack filled with sweet treats and a family favorite book Runny Babbit by Shell Silverstein.

My eldest Jake said Rockie could use his pail, what a sweetheart, so I had fun photographing it hung on a door in my family room.  I cut a piece of cardboard and slipped it up under the cuff in the back to give it structure.  Then I hung it on a door wreath hanger covered with burlap ribbon.

Burlap & Linen Easter Bag

I’m not sure where my little sack will end up this year, but it is a welcome addition for Spring!

Cost:  Less than a buck since I had all the other fabric on hand in my scrap pile!

Time: Less than an hour, especially if you don’t have a fail like me.

Use: Very versatile, graphics could be switched for any season, and the bag could be used as a pillow, Easter Basket, baby shower gift bag, or general decor.

If you would like to buy the same burlap bags I used,

visit my sponsor

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  • Awwww that chick on the bag is so adorable… seriously this is great work! So glad i blog hopped over to say hi from Centsational Girl blog cause this is so sweet for Easter. I’m subcribing for your future emails too. ;-)
    I was wondering whether you would consider linking up THIS blog post onto my ‘Sunday School’ for Crafters Linky Party today and tomorrow. It’s a perfect blog post for the link up, it’s just what I was looking for — Unique craft and a short tutorial.
    Jennie. xx

    • Thanku for linking up… I appreciate it! Hope to see you again at ‘Sunday School’Linky Party. If it’s ok can I pin your blog entry onto my Sunday School Pinterest Board ? Let me know if you would prefer me not too.
      Jennie. x

  • This is so cute. I will borrow your idea but use a different farm animal that is less seasonal…maybe a rooster or pig. Then fill it with beans, rice or pebbles and use it a doorstop! Most of my iron doorstops are animals.

  • Blow do you manage to make everything look so exciting. It makes me want to become this amazing seamstress!! I love all your fantastic ideas.

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