My Small Kitchen Office ReOrganized

Can you guess what is hiding behind these cabinet doors?  Would you believe me if I told you that this small block of cabinets is the hub of our home?

Can you guess what's hiding behind these cabinet doors?

They hold office supplies, my crafting arsenal, and all four of my kids papers and art supplies (oh, and a paper junk drawer)!

Organize Children't Papers, Crafting Supplies and Kitchen Office

This has been a dumping ground for years.  The counter space is the spot where the rest of the kitchen gets cleaned up to.  You know, the place where when people come over all the mess gets “hidden” to.  But not any more.

Here are the Before and After photos.  You can see that the cupboard on the left is under utilized and the counter is overflowing with unorganized junk.  Let me show you how I optimized the space, and organized it for good.Craft Supply Organization

When we built our house, we had the builder install an outlet in the cupboard for our cordless phone.  We also installed an audio jack for our home audio.  The power outlet turned out to be very useful despite never having a home phone.  I drilled a hole through the top of the cabinet and added white Christmas lights on the top of the cabinet attached to a timer.  The Rattan Ball Pendants are also plugged into this timer.  These add a great glow from dusk to midnight.  Also plugged into the outlet are an electric pencil sharpener, mobile phone charger, and sometimes a battery charger.  Note: I tucked all of the cords next to the shelves and taped them down where needed.  Note: I also did the upper cabinet lighting on the opposite wall in my kitchen.  Our built in microwave only used one of the two outlets so I drilled a hole and added the Christmas lights there with an additional timer.

Christmas Lights on Timer for Upper Cabinets

Ahhh, the craft supplies.  Prior to this organization project, I had craft supplies in my laundry room, basement storage room, kitchen, living room, all over.  I began gathering them all up and was very surprised when 95% fit in this cupboard.  I consolidated things into glass jars, empty phone boxes, baby food containers, even a cub scout tool box my son abandoned.

Project Supply Cupboard

The Left Side

The top shelf holds glues and adhesives.  It may seem crowded, but I don’t get to these all that often, and the ones I use the most are in front.  The middle shelf holds both glue guns and glue, extra cards and mini packaging.  A box of batteries and my mega box of colored pencils.  The bottom, where we access the most, has the pencil sharpener, a multi tipped screw driver (LOVE these), staple gun, and a tool box with plastic baby food containers filled with thumb tacks, safety pins, staples, etc.

Organize Crafting Supplies

Right Side

The top shelf holds chalk, stamps, extra canvases, and other not often used craft supplies.  The center shelf  holds oil paints, brushes in a jar, shape scissors, and a jar  (old Costco cinnamon) of buttons.  The bottom shelf holds string, large scissors, clothes pins, popsicle sticks, pop tops, beading supplies and other misc. supplies.

Organizing Crafting Supplies

For extra storage, I cut up a yard stick the size of the opening on the cabinet door.  I put tape on the back of the stick to hold it in place once level.  With small screws that wouldn’t go through the cabinet, I pre-drilled a pilot hole then attached the sticks to the inside of the cabinet.  Small white picture hanging nails were tacked in and hold small items like wire, twine, labels, small scissors, hole punches and mini baggies, really anything light weight that you can hang on a nail.

Crafting Organization

Deep drawer organizers hold an amazing amount of stuff.  Be sure you get the deepest organizer your drawer will accommodate.  Then there is the drawer on the right…everyone needs a paper junk drawer right?  I’m giving myself this space, until it fills up and I clean it out again, for all those coupons and papers I’ll get to some time.

Everyone has a dump or junk drawer

As for all of those kid papers?  I store them down in the bottom cupboards.  The two little ones have small bins with their names on them.  The older two have cardboard storage boxes with a sign clipped to the front (I made them hold it on the first day of school, inspired from Pinterest).  Any church or school papers go in there.  Important papers, like homework passes, are clipped to the inside of the box using the same clip that holds the sign.  We clean it out during Christmas break and at the end of the year.

A Box for each child's papers

Wow, that was a lot of detail and jabbering.  But, I wanted to share what has finally worked for me after 7 years of trying to get the space just right.

My Small Kitchen Office ReOrganized

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  • Wow! I wish you could see all the junk I have in my similar space. I keep recipe books in that cupboard and tupperware stuff below, but maybe I should rethink that. Great job!

    • Jamie, I know where you live…ha ha.

  • What a great way to organize a ton of stuff into a small space. Makes me want to gather all of my crafting supplies, etc., that are also all over the house, and put them all in one organized easily accessed space..nice to see I can have a space like this in my small home. Thanks for the inspiration!


  • Love to see your solutions! Thank you so much for sharing, I need to get organized myself!

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