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New Beginnings Game Night

In February we held our annual New Beginnings activity.  This year we mixed things up a bit and had a “Game Night”.  Here are the invitations I made up:

Young Women Game Night Invitation Free Download

I left the date, time etc off the template.  Simply place a text box in the open space to add YOUR info.

Young Women Game Night Invitation Free Download

If you would like to download the template for the Game Night invitations click HERE 

NOTE: The template is a photo of the tickets, just blow it up so the gray line meets the boarder of your page layout.

I made a similar layout for the program that we handed out at New Beginnings.

Young Women Game Night Program Front

If you would like to download the Game Night program click HERE for the front

and HERE for the back side

NOTE: I printed the invitations AND the programs on a cream opalescent card stock and it turned out awesome.  It gave it a very vintage carnival feel.  If you don’t want to invest in fancy paper, see if you have any cream paper in your closet, it really makes the design look it’s best.

In keeping with the general handbook on what New Beginnings is all about, we wanted to teach the in comming Beehives all about Personal Progress.  We let the Young Women do the teaching via the game Taboo.  I used to play this Milton Bradley game all the time in High School.

Directions:  Divide the room into two teams.  Send one representative from both teams.  Team A’s to present the cards to their team while team B’s to make sure that team A’s rep doesn’t say any of the words below the line.   Team A’s rep describes the word in turquoise but can not say any part of any of the words on the card.  Once their team guesses the word in turquoise, they pull up the next card and continue until their minuite is up (we used a stop watch to keep time).  Then pull two new reps, one from each team.  Team B then gives the clues while team A buzzes the buzzer if they say a word on the card.  For every card guessed correctly, that team gets one point (whew, I hope that all made sense, or that everyone has played Taboo!).


  • We went through the cards twice so that each girl got the chance to either buzz or give clues
  • The in coming Beehives were only asked to buzz since they did not know the program
  • Make sure that EVERYONE guesses, some of the enthusiastic fathers were the funnest guessers
  • Adjust the rules as you go, one smart YW said “Um, it’s the 5th value”, we made numbering the values illegal
  • Have fun, everyone enjoyed letting loose a bit, it turned out a lot like a family game night and everyone had fun

Personal Progress TABOO

I made up the Taboo cards and printed them on photo paper I had on hand.  You could easily print them on card stock or other paper, but the photo paper added a glossy quality similar to the Milton Bradley cards.  Cut each one out and place in the Taboo card box (if you don’t have one, just lay them in a pile on a table or hold them in your hand).

To download Personal Progress Taboo click HERE

For Microsoft Publisher users, you can download the working file for the Taboo cards HERE

For BLANK cards in Publisher click HERE

After we finished Personal Progress Taboo, we played a getting to know you game similar to the “Dating Game”.  First, we gave a list of getting to know you questions to the in coming Beehives a few weeks before the activity.  After they filled it out we assigned three Mia Maids to pretend they were one of those in coming girls.  They were each handed the filled out questionnaire.  I made a name tag to hang around their neck with the girl they were representing’s name.  They sat on stools in the front of the room facing the audience.  With a chalk board turned sideways, two other YW, one from team A and one from team B sat on stools, unable to see the Mia Maids or their name tags.  The team representatives were each given the same list of questions and asked them directly to the contestants as they tried to figure out which Mia Maid represented which in coming Beehive.  So it went something like this:

Rep A: reads a question off the sheet, “Contestants 1 and 2, what are your favorite pass times?” 

Contestant 1: “Um,” looking down reading answer on paper “reading a book in my back yard”

Contestant 2: “Playing with my younger sister”

Rep B:  reads a question off her sheet, “Contestant 3 and 1, what month is your birthday?”

And on and on.  As soon as one of the team Reps could name which contestants were which girl, the game ends.

Why this game worked: 

  • None of the in coming Beehives had to stand up and be embarrassed in front of everyone
  • The “actors” were getting to know each of the new girls
  • The audience loved watching the whole thing play out
  • When the team Reps got stuck, they asked what they were wearing tonight (the “actors” looked at the girl they were acting and told what that girl had on, hilarious)
  • It kept things light and fun

Gift and Treat

As a parting gift, we gave each YW a candle with this years theme on it.  We found these great mini candles at Walmart for $1 each.  The labels peeled off really easy and I applied a label I made to match a poster we downloaded and have in our YW room (a great graphic by Erin Black on Etsy).  This template fits on Avery 5162 address labels and are 4″ X 1.333″.

NOTE: We also stuck these same labels on the mini water bottles from Costco with a striped paper straw coming out of each one.  The labels fit perfect.  The waters were served along side  a brownie and ice cream sunday with bright colored sprinkles to keep with the fun carnival/game theme.

Download my free candle or water bottle label HERE

Although we used these games and labels for our New Beginnings, both could be used for other occasions.  The Taboo cards would work great for an activity about Personal Progress, a class lesson, or a rainy day camp activity.  The labels would best be used THIS year, so if your New Beginnings is over, consider printing them off for youth conference water bottles, or give out candles at a camp activity.







  • Um, AWESOME!!

    • Thanks Janelle! It turned out really fun. I hope a lot of people use it!

  • Hi Amanda. I love your creativeness. I want to borrow your taboo idea. But I am having trouble seeing it. Could you you email me the file for the cards, PRETTY PLEASE!
    Thank you so much for your time,

  • What great ideas, Amanda! Very inspiring AND cute! And thanks for the mention of my poster. :)

    • Erin, your poster rocks! We love looking at it every Sunday as we read this year’s theme.

  • I love your whole idea and will probably use it in 2013. Yet I wonder if there are enough taboo cards? How long did it take you to go through the cards twice? Thanks for any tips you can give me.

  • Thanks for sharing the Taboo game. I am excited to use it in YW! It is one of our favorite family games, so this will be a fun spin on it. I appreciate you sharing your creativity with me.

  • Hi! I am trying to print your taboo cards (way fantastic of an idea by the way … THANKS SOOO MUCH for sharing!), but the pdf file comes up and when I print, it just prints the logo, none of the cards print (even though it shows in the print section like the whole page should be printing)??? I’ve been printing lots of other things, so I know it’s not the printer, it appears to be just with this document … am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

  • I LOVE this idea! I need some help though, I am able to download everything but the Taboo cards … any suggestions? Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic ideas!

    • I also tried clicking on the link in your comment above. Still would not download

      • Rachel, I’m sorry it has been so difficult! Try opening up Burlap & Denim in a different browser, like Chrome. Maybe that’ll do the trick.

        • Thank you! I was able to get it to open :)

  • Thanks so much for the great idea. I made a variation on your Taboo game idea and referenced your post on my YW Activities Ideas blog. Thanks!

  • I’m so excited to use your taboo game tonight for our YW Personal Progress Party – thank you!

  • Hi, love this idea. Would it be possible to get a copy of the taboo cards without the words so that I can put them in a different language?

  • Hi Amanda, I love your taboo cards and would like to borrow your idea to create cards for the YM. Is your file available for editing so that I may create some for our YM (Priesthood & Priesthood Keys?

    Thank you,
    Frances Morales

  • Thank you so much for sharing all of your creations with us!!!! Do you have a file of the taboo cards that can be edited? I would love to make a few more. jenand22(at)Hotmail(dot)come

  • Hi! I love ideas and invitations and was just about to download them, but they are no longer there:( Would you be willing to email me the template for our New Beginnings? Thanks so much!

  • Love these ideas. How did we survive coming up with new ideas before the internet?

  • I loved your ideas. Do you have any blank templates to add additional Taboo questions?

    • That is such a great idea Tammy, I’ll get those posted soon.

      • Is there a way I can get a blank template so I can add some more cards? I want to do this with our girls next week. This is a wonderful idea and thanks for sharing it. I’m so inept when it comes to designing things on the computer by myself.

  • Thanks SO much for sharing the Taboo game. I was trying to make my own and then found this on pinterest! Life Saver!

  • Thank you for all of your ideas. This was my first New Beginnings that I was in charge of, and it was great thanks to all that you make available to print

  • Can I also get the blank cards template so I can make some more? You are a lifesaver! Can’t want to try this for our mutual activity for Personal Progress!

  • I so love this idea. I was wondering if you had a blank template. We have 35 young women and I needed to make a few extra. If you could email it that would be simply amazing! So Fun

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  • Thanks so much for your ideas and the templates. Could I also get a blank template for the taboo cards so I can make a few more?

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  • I love the taboo cards!! Thank you for sharing!

  • Could you please email me the blank template and front and back programs? When I click on the links they just open in a new internet tab and I can’t edit them. Thanks

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