Recycle and Reuse Bulk Orange Boxes

For an upcoming project I needed some cheap (FREE) storage that was cute.  I turned to my stash of orange boxes from Costco.  Once again my bulk buying has helped organized a space.  Check out how I transformed a standard box of oranges into decorative storage (note: I just used the bottom box and recycled the top part with the writing on it).  Here is a tutorial on how to upcycle cardboard boxes.

Upcyle Cardboard Boxes into Chevron Storage Organization Bins


I went to my trusty chevron pattern.  It seemed really organic, maybe because it is often woven in wool, and went well with the natural cardboard box.  I printed off a chevron design on to a piece of  card stock.  Then cut out the black portion with an Xacto knife.

Chevron Storage Boxes

With a pencil and painter tape, I traced the design onto the front of the box.  I shifted the stencil down and continued tracing until the entire front of the box had the design on it.  It was important to me that the design match up perfect to the ends of the box so that if two boxes were side by side the design would continue from box to box.  If you would like to use my stencil for orange boxes, down load it HERE.

Chevron Storage Boxes

Then with left over house paint, I filled in the pencil lines.  At first I tried a cheap thin paint I had on hand, but because it was so thin, it would have taken several coats to make the lines opaque.  Instead I used a high quality trim paint that was thick.  I applied it using a soft craft paint brush (the harder the brush, the less paint stayed on the box).  It took two coats for the desired look.  For a brief second I considered painting the chevron a pale aqua and blush to match the design of the space, but it quickly turned 80′s southwest, so be careful with your color choices.

Chevron Storage Boxes

Sew on an extra button (I always cut off the buttons from pants or shorts that my boys have worn out, I save the pockets too).  I used an embroidery needle and some random string I found around the house.  Hang a tag on the side for easy reference of what’s inside, especially if they are up high and you can’t see into the box, if your short like me.

Chevron Storage Boxes

For instructions on making the tag, click HERE.

Here they are, all stacked up.  I made four of these cuties and can’t wait to see what they look like in their new space.  Now I need to eat more oranges so I can have more boxes for myself!  Seriously, look at how cute these are with the handles on the sides.  And I bet you’ve just thrown these away in the past.  How about these as free pantry organization storage for your kids snacks?  You could paint the ends and line them up the other way and they’d be adorable.  Off to Costco everyone!

Chevron Storage Boxes

Stay tuned to see where these end up!

See them in my Craft Studio HERE.

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