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Monogrammed In/Out Hanging Bags

One more project from the cubicle project, and then the big reveal!

In a small work space, desk top space is at a premium.  I decided that two hanging bags would serve as great In/Out boxes.  I found these great brown bags, perfect for the cubicle on clearance at TJ Maxx.  Unfortunately the design on the the front was hideous, hence the $3 price tag.  I bought two of them anyway and made over the back side.

Dress Up Cheap bags for In and Out boxes

I found two craft paints that matched the design and started taping off the edges.  A border of blush and a home made monogram stencil filled in with a soft aqua freshen up the dark brown.

Dress Up Cheap bags for In and Out boxes

Because I knew I was going to have bird accents in other parts of the space, I couldn’t pass up these earings from Forever 21.  I just fished the ring through the fabric and attached the earring back on the inside.

Dress Up Cheap bags for In and Out boxes

Here they are haning up in the cubicle.  They are right at the entrance to the space and easy to take with you to the desk, mail room, or home if needed.

Dress Up Cheap bags for In and Out boxes

Stay tuned tomorrow.  The entire cubicle will be revealed on Studio 5 at 11am

(Utah’s NBC affiliate KSL)

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