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Tool Cart Diaper Changing Table

The other day I was browsing one of my favorite shops Harbor Freight when I came across this awesome tool cart.  It’s on sale for $69.99 right now.  I tried to think of a place to use it in my house but came up blank.  That’s when the idea for turning it into a changing table came to me.  Now, I am not pregnant, nor do I plan on becoming pregnant (this is just a fun idea board for anyone out there that might be in that situation).  Isn’t it adorable?

Especially for any boy nurseries.

Tool Cart for a Nursery Changing Table

I started poking around Amazon and found this pad that would fit perfect in the top tray of the cart ($25.99, click HERE for details). Changing Table Pad to Fit Tool Cart From Harbor Freight

Then back on Harbor Freights site I found the following magnetic accessories to hang on the side of the cart.

First: This is a Spray Paint and Screwdriver holder, but I think ointments and powders would be perfect here ($7.99). Diaper Ointment Holder for Nursery Changing Table

Second: This Glove/Tissue holder could work great for the right sized wipes box or bag ($14.99).

Tissue Holder for Nursery Changing Table

Third: Another magnetic piece, this one is a paper towel holder, brilliant($7.49)!

Paper Towel Holder for Nursery Changing Table

Since every baby messes their clothes, I thought this round canvas tote would be a perfect holder for all those tiny clothes.  For $17.99, this would be cute set on the bottom shelf or hung by a hook on a wall.

Dirty Clothes Bag

Here is my idea board for a Tool Cart Changing Table:

Idea Board for Diaper Changing Table from Harbor Freight

This three shelf rolling cart is another option, unfortunately the red accessories above to not coordinate and it doesn’t have locking wheels.  It is only $49.99.  This cart would look awesome with a few baskets or neatly folded clothes and blankets with a towel or blankie folded over the top bar.

Changing Table Tool Cart

The last gem I found was this workbench for only $99.99!  Think of how cute baby supplies would look hung on the back.  A built in light is a nice touch for late night changes.  The magnetic accessories above would work with this too, since it is metal.  Large bins on the bottom for sorting toys, laundry, diapers and blankets would look adorable.

Changing Table Tool Cart

So if you are looking for a unique, inexpensive and versatile changing table, get on over to Harbor Freight!

{NOTE: I am in NO WAY compensated by Harbor Freight, I just love that place!}

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