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“SURF” in Burlap & Denim

So if you are a faithful reader of Burlap & Denim, you probably already know the following things about me:

  • I LOVE denim
  • I LOVE burlap
  • I LOVE the Beach (and I’m talking about the sandy area next to the ocean people, lakes are fun but do not qualify as having a beach!)
A few years ago I packed them all into one little BIG project.  This surf sign:

Burlap and Denim SURF Wall Hanging

Doesn’t it look great with all of my summer stuff?

(check out my Summer Mantle & Burlap Sofa Makeover)

Burlap and Denim SURF Wall Hanging

This was a very simple and easy project and cost around $20.  I started with 4 yards of burlap, 2 yards of denim, and 1 yard of white duck.  I cut the burlap in half lengthwise to make two pieces of burlap that were each 2 yards long (or 6 feet).  Then I cut them down the center so they were only 1/2 as wide making four identical panels.  I cut the denim into four long strips.  Then I made a template for the letters by taping together printed out letters from my computer.  I traced them onto the fabric and cut them out.  I washed the denim and duck several times to fray the edges.  Then I picked them till they had just the right amount of fray.

Burlap and Denim SURF Wall Hanging

Then I simply stitched the denim down the center of the burlap and the letters around their border.  On the back of the top of each of the panels, I cut up four yard sticks from Lowe’s and used white thumbtacks to hold it in place.  To secure them to the rod, I used drapery clips.  The whole look is a bit wrinkled even though I do run an iron over it before hanging it each spring, but I have never minded the disheveled surfer look.

Burlap and Denim SURF Wall Hanging

So there you have it!  A very inexpensive way to fill a wall with reminders of things that you love!  This is actually the way I came up with my blog name.  I was looking around my house and saw this SURF sign and it hit me “You love burlap and denim, so that’s your name!”.  My blog’s been running for a few months, I figured it was time to share my own inspiration.  What inspires you?  What do YOU love?

Burlap and Denim SURF Wall Hanging

NOTE: This project was inspired after I created

a similar mohair and burlap Christmas hanging “NOEL

NOEL Wall Hanging

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  • That’s Awesome! Your creativity just amazes me!!!

  • Love your blog! Found you from pinterest and loved it! :) Erin

  • My blog name probably should have been Barns and Birdnests…that’s what inspires me! But I will live with Irishman Acres, that’s our farm name:)
    Love your blog…I also use a lot of burlap and denim around my home. My daughter’s grad party this weekend is all denim, burlap, and daisies…you’ll have to come check out my post next week!

  • OK, I love the beach, too. I currently live on Whitemarsh Island near Tybee Island Beach on the Atlantic Ocean in Savannah, GA. But, my home of west Michigan is on Lake Michigan. The dunes on those beaches are up to two miles wide! Google sleeping bear dunes. You are not likely to see bigger better beach dunes on any ocean! But, unfortunately, the water is above 70 degrees only 3 very awesome months per year. ):

  • […] quite like it but, it has two giant blank walls on the upper story.  During the summer I hang a SURF banner and at Christmas time a NOEL banner.  Those banners out stay their welcome and linger for months […]

  • looking good

  • nice post

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