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Star Wars Bedroom and Ikea Lighting Hack

This is Ryder’s room.  It was inspired from the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and decked out in Star Wars gear.  When his mom and I were designing the space she loved the idea of a rough wood ceiling, blue walls and a twin over full bunk bed.  This is how it turned out.

Straane LED Table Lamp Ikea Hack

We ordered the bed and bedding straight from P.B. Kids (similar bedding found HERE).  His mom found the locker style chest of drawers and was nice enough to let him have a fish tank in his room!  The ceiling is quarter sawn pine stained to match the “Rustic Chestnut” stain of the bunk bed (similar bed found HERE).Straane LED Table Lamp Ikea Hack

On a trip to Ikea, I picked up these great stainless steel shelves and brackets.  They used to hold all of Ryder’s Star Wars figurines, but now show off the important things in his life.  They are the Ekby Mossby found HERE.

Straane LED Table Lamp Ikea Hack

I felt the ceiling needed a bit of star bling.  I couldn’t find a fixture that I felt worked so I hacked an Ikea lamp.  This is the winning lamp.

The Ikea STRANNE table lamp:
Cool right?  But I wanted it to be on the ceiling.  I took it to a metal guy and here is what we did.
1. Unscrew the lamp from the base.
2. Saw off the “feet” from the lamp base.
3. Drill four holes, one on each side to screw into the ceiling.
4. Cut down the hollow square tubing so it doesn’t impose on the room.
5. Re-attach the base to the lamp.
6. Hire electrician to hang upside down and screw it into the ceiling.

Straane LED Table Lamp Ikea Hack

So in classic Amanda style, I had the electrician put this baby on a dimmer.  The room has two large windows and 4 can lights so this fixture is just for fun.  The “star” light is a perfect night-light and can be bent in all kinds of crazy ways.  The LED lights give off a really fun glow.

Straane LED Table Lamp Ikea Hack

So how much did it cost?  Well Ikea sells the lamp for $39.99.  I hired a metal fabricator to do the hacking for about $50.  So that totals less than $100, not too bad for a ceiling fixture.

Star Wars Bedroom With Stranne Ceiling Fixture Ikea Hack

Here it is once again lit up in Ryder’s Star Wars room.

Straane LED Table Lamp Ikea Hack

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  • That is super cool! What a fixture!

  • That is a great idea! I wish I had your creativity!

  • What a cool room! My boys would love it! And the light fixture hack is awesome! Great job!! :)

  • How fun! I have a Star Wars loving son too! I love the lamp!

  • I love the room and really like the locker style dresser!! Could you tell me where you got it? I think it would be a perfect fit for my boy’s room too! Thanks!

    • Carrie! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! That was a piece the homeowner already had. I have seen similar ones at Pottery Barn Kids, large furniture chains like R.C. Willey, and online. Good luck!

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  • My Stranne Crazy Table Lamp will not come on. Any ideas on how to get it to light up for Christmas, tomorrow?? We have checked it out as much as we can but cannot find anything wrong. What can we check now? The little bulbs cannot be changed. There is an inner, top portion that comes off. Could there be a main lamp in there, or a fuse that may have gone out. Please send your ideas to us.

  • looking good

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