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YW Personal Progress Instagram Poster

Looking for a new fun way to display your YW Personal Progress?  How about a poster or bulletin board like the social media site Instagram?  Recently our Stake President asked each ward’s YW leaders to provide a poster showing what the young women of our wards were working on for personal progress and include a photo of each girl.  It would be displayed at a stake picnic.  I decided to take up the challenge.

Layout for Personal Progress Young Women Instagram Board

I wanted something fun but didn’t know quite where it would take me.  I grabbed my SLR camera and headed to church.  Most of the girls did not want there picture taken.  I found this quite comical since I follow many of them on Instagram and they can’t STOP taking photos of themselves and posting them.  So, I began prompting them “two of you get close and pretend I’m taking a picture for Instagram!”.  This seemed to do the trick.  I went home and downloaded all of the photos and then it came to me.  Why not make it look like they were posted on Instagram.   I searched for a ready made template and couldn’t find ANYTHING!  Here is what I came up with:

The first pic was of a recent trip to the temple.  I listed our ward in the top left, year in the top right, names of everyone in the photo where “likes” would be, and what the activity was in the “comments” section.   It is difficult to tell with the blurred photos (to protect their privacy) but I edited each picture in PicMonkey to give it that “Instagram” feel.

Young Women Personal Progress Instagram Layout

Here is one of two of the girls.  The info is the same except the top line of comments is what the girl on the left is working on and the bottom comments are what the girl on the right  is working on.

Young Women Personal Progress Instagram Layout


I had the entire image printed at Costco.  I mounted a blue piece of poster board onto a piece of foam core board.  Then each of the photos were attatched to the board with foamy sticker things.  The temple picture was printed as an 8X12 and I doubled up the foam.  The other pictures were printed on 5X7′s and placed on one layer of foam around the edges of the temple pic.

How to make an Instagram Poster for Personal Progress

Here are the detials once printed on photo paper.

Young Women Personal Progress Instagram Layout


Instagram Poster layout

And here is the final product.  (note: I have blurred the images and names for their privacy)

YW Personal Progress Bulletin Board like Instagram

Template for Instagram Layout and Poster

For all of the “How To’s” and free templates, click on the image below:

Free Instagram Printable Template | Burlap & Denim

 Check out this great example from a reader named Staci Creswell!   She used it as an Instagram  bulletin board in the YW room!

Instagram Bulletin Board

 Did you use this template?  Send it to me and I’ll share it!


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