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From Blah to Boutique {Organizing a Master Closet}

UPDATE: If you are interested in NO cost, 1 hour closet organization read THIS post first.

As you all know by now, I LOVE an organized space.  For my master closet, I have designed it to be like a chic boutique that I alone get to shop in several times a day.  Today’s topic?  Organizing a master closet.  Here are my tips to turn any blah, average closet into a great organized space you’ll want to spend time in.  Oh, and by the way, this is not some huge, expensive, fabulocity  space like the ones you usually find when you google closet organization.  My space is average size for a walk in closet, my clothes are mostly from TJMaxx, Ross, Target and the like.  I don’t own any Louboutin’s, Prada or any couture.  This is my REAL closet and most of the time it looks JUST LIKE THIS:

How to organize a walk in closet {Organizing a Master Closet}

From Blah to Boutique: Organizing a master closet

In order starting from the easiest/cheapest:

  1. Treat your clothes with respect.  This may sound silly, especially if you have cheap clothes, but believe you me…it makes a big difference.  Let’s start by only putting clean clothes in the closet.  Turn them right side out before you hang them on a hanger (you are going to do it eventually, why not now?).  Fold them so the crease faces out  If you are asking yourself what the heck is she talking about, think about the last store you were in and a folded rack of clothes.  Chances are, even at Walmart, the clothes were neatly folded with the smooth crease facing out.  If you do these simple steps your clothes will magically appear expensive, fancy, and you will desire them more.  OK, not really, but it sure seems that way.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                How to organize a Walk in Closet
  2. Get the dirty clothes out of there!  There was a time I too had my hamper in my closet, but haven’t regretted getting it out of there.  After all the work to get your clothes clean and fresh, why stink it up with gym clothes and stinky socks.  I now keep mine in my bathroom.How to Organize a Walk In Closet
  3. Organized.  I organize my closet in a few ways  Color Coordinated:  This is where my obsessive organizing comes into play.  I organize all of my hanging clothes in rainbow order.  I know, very juvenile, but it is so much easier to find things, not to mention easy on the eyes.  Seasons: Ok, seasons may be an overstatement, but I put long sleeves on one level and short sleeves on another.  Shorts on one shelf, pants on another, you get the idea.  His & Her’s: Keeping things separate helps give the feeling of a His and Hers separate closet (note: my dresses are on my husband’s side with his pants because that seemed to save the most space, but in general, keep it separate).  {beware, the photo below contains wire hangers, “NO WIRE HANGERS!!!!” Because they come from the dry cleaner that way, and I am not about to start ironing, I just try and roll with it for my husband’s side}How to Organize a Walk In Closet
  4. Matching Hangers!  This may seem like a waste of money, but do NOT underestimate the power matching hangers can have.  This is the most inexpensive, easy fix ANYONE can do.  In a previous home I started by throwing out all hangers unless they were white.  I was surprised how many soft pink, baby blue, emerald-green and sea-foam hangers had weaseled their way into my closet.  I promise I NEVER purchased any of these!  Anyway, it made everything look so much neater.  Then once I moved into my current house I saw wooden hangers at Costco.  They were light maple and matched the color of the closet system I had installed.  Boxes of wood hangers were my birthday present that year.  Now I feel like all of my clothes are on hangers from a swanky boutique.  The wood hangers even make a din-gee sweatshirt look fab.  These have been one of my favorite purchases of all time, seriously.  Costco no longer carries the “maple” color, but last I checked they did have a dark walnut (note: many other retailers carry wooden hangers, even Ikea, but the quality of the Costco ones has been far superior and at a great value)How to Organize a Walk In Closet
  5. A full length mirror.  You wouldn’t think about trying on an outfit at a store without a full length mirror, why do so in your own home?  Also, as you’ve always heard, mirrors can double the feel of a space.  This is especially true for a small closet.  We have two mirrors in our closet, both we had on hand when we moved in.  They bounce the natural light around making the whole space bright and huge.How to Organize a Walk In Closet
  6. Add to whatever closet system you already have.  Extra baskets are perfect for holding back up linens up high, or loose clothing like swim suits, and gym clothes (these are from Walmart).  An extra wall with hooks creates a great spot to hang belts, ties, bags, or that new jacket you can’t wait to wear.  We also use our’s to hang robes, scarfs, hats, and anything we are too lazy to fold or hang up at the moment (believe it or not, we don’t ALWAYS put it away immediately).  I have also picked up an over the door hanger from Ikea and use it to layout an outfit for a special night out. How to Organize a Walk In Closet  How to Organize a Walk In Closet How to Organize a Walk In Closet with Ikea Accessories
  7. Painted walls, and I’m not talking white.  If your home came with built-in particle board shelving and the entire space was painted out in your home’s trim color, it’s time to get out the paint brush.  If you are trying to showcase what you have, plain builder basic walls won’t cut it.  I went cheep and had the builder paint it the same color as our bedroom so we didn’t have a “change” fee.  It works for me since it is a warm neutral sand color.
  8. A window for natural light and fresh air.  Ideally, it would be small and high like mine.  This makes it so no one can see in, you don’t need a window treatment, and allows for the most storage space.  The value of having natural light when putting outfits together is great as is not having to turn on the lights in the closet most of the time.How to Organize a Walk In ClosetHow to Organize a Walk In Closet
  9. Custom Closet System.  In addition to vaulting the ceiling, we asked that we get a “credit” (I think it was around $100) for NOT installing any shelving in any of our closets.  Then we went to our local home center (the master closet was from Lowe’s and cost about $1000) and bought system parts that would work best for us (our children’s closets are from Home Depot, and now that we have Ikea close by, the basement bedrooms will probably be from there).  This gave us the ultimate in flexibility.  I love having melamine shelves to slide my clothes on with out “velcro”ing them to painted particle board.  Being able to adjust the shelves with pegs also allows for change in my organizational habits, a major plus for someone like me.How to Organize a Walk In Closet
  10. Vaulted Ceiling.  When our home was under construction my husband noticed that our closet had a vaulted ceiling and the framers were about to drop it to a straight 8 ft ceiling.  He immediately contacted the builder and paid the $150 fee to keep the vault (I know, weird that we had to pay for less work).  It has been worth every penny for the larger feel and extra vertical storage.How to Organize a Walk In Closet

Those are my top 10 tips for an organized closet.  Here are a few overview shots of my happy place.

How to Organize a Walk In Closet

How to Organize a Walk In Closet

How to Organize a Walk In Closet

How to Organize a Walk In Closet

How to Organize a Walk In Closet

How to Organize a Walk In Closet

 I know it seems overwhelming, but no matter what stage you are at, just choose ONE of the tips and incorporate it into your space.  See if it makes a difference, then layer them from easiest to more difficult until your closet feels like a swanky boutique shop.  Oh, and by the way, this fabulous shop only carries your size, has amazing taste, and doesn’t charge anything to wear their clothes!

 Happy organizing!  For how to organize your pantry like a Corner Market, click the image below:

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  • Wonderful closet! Oh to have all that space!

    I have a question…it looks like many of your high heel sandals & boots are without their mates…where are they hiding?

    • Karen, The shelves are a bit too deep so they are just placed right shoe in front of left so I can see each style.

  • Is the Master closet system from Lowe’s the allen + roth system? Is that the natural color?

    • Katie, this closet system was put in before Allen + Roth came to Lowe’s. I think it is the same thing though, just under a different “Lowe’s” brand. It is considered “Maple” so the wooden hangers that match are actually maple from Costco. I hope that helps.

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    One thing I have always wondered in this country: Why do they have shoe cabinets in the master closet? Why would you get your outdoor footwear all the way into the house and master closet?

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