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Restaurant Supply Shelving at Home

I picked up these great shelf brackets from Pottery Barn at a local outlet (Down East Home) tent sale.  They were two to a pack and in perfect condition, never opened.  At just $5 a box, I couldn’t help myself and bought 10 pair!  I wasn’t sure where I’d use them so I wanted to have plenty to work with.  I looked them up on Pottery Barn’s website and noticed that they were selling them with either a glass shelf or a matching medium wood shelf both of which were unavailable for purchase a la carte (they are no longer on their site).

DIY Kitchen Open Shelving

 I figured I could have glass cut and polished for shelves, make my own wood shelves or come up with something different.  I took the bracket with me to Ikea and found that one of my favorite shelves would work perfect!  The EKBY Mossby shelf at almost 47″ and only $29 would be the perfect complement for my warm wood brackets.  The ends are even perfectly finished (so you don’t have to use their matching brackets).  One thing I forgot to notice while at Ikea is that only ONE side of the shelf is stainless.  The other is a charcoal plastic like surface.  No worries, I just flipped the top two shelves upside down.  Only someone over 6 ft that is really inspecting the shelves would ever notice.

First I decided where I wanted them to go.  My nook/dining room.  I’ve used this space in many different ways.  Most recently it held my giant sand dollar (see below) with a table under it, previously I had a trick table that opened up into a dining table for 4 (perfect for extended family dinners), even my family computer on a vintage red desk.  Now it was the shelves turn to grace this little wall.  I started by measuring out how many shelves I wanted, the pink being 4 and the yellow 5.  Five for sure.  I didn’t need a lot of space between each shelf since most the items I planned on putting on the shelves were relatively short.  I left plenty of space at the top to add art or larger decor.

DIY Kitchen Open Shelving

At the bottom I had to work around a few outlets and a return air register.  The bottom bracket would have to set on top of the air register and that was great, it gave me a nice big space on the bottom for a large basket and other things to “hide” the air return and outlets.  When laying things out, be sure to take into account light switches too, the middle shelf was originally lined up to sun right into the speaker volume switch so I adjusted it and the one above so that the top three shelves are slightly closer together.

DIY Kitchen Open Shelving

It was a bit scary, but I installed all of these myself.  The left side did not have studs so I used the metal drywall screws that you slowly turn into the wall, then put the provided screw in the center.  The right side I lined up on a stud.  It would have been great to have all of them in a stud but the layout didn’t allow it this time.

DIY Kitchen Open Shelving

Here is a diagram of my spacing.  My ceiling height here is 8 ft so you may need to adjust these for your own home.

DIY Open Shelving in the Kitchen

I love how little space these shelves take up.  below you can see the view when walking by from my mud room where you see my family room in the background, and again from the hallway behind our family room looking into the kitchen.

DIY Kitchen Open Shelving

I have loved the look of open shelving in the kitchen but couldn’t find a cabinet to part with, so this worked out perfect for me.  It is a non permanent solution.  If next week I want to move these all I have to do is fill a few holes and set up somewhere else.

DIY Kitchen Open Shelving

The combination of the warm wood (which matches my floor, cabinets, table and chairs) and the stainless (which matches all of my appliances and drawer pulls) is the perfect match for my home.  I love the reflections of the stainless steel, it gives a mirrored look but much softer.

DIY Kitchen Open Shelving

For now these shelves are loaded with what I call Restaurant Supplies.  These include glasses of all shapes and sizes, white dinner plates, salt and pepper shakers, pitchers and a few color coordinated cook books thrown in.

DIY Kitchen Open Shelving

The shelves gave me a great place to highlight some of my favorite collectables too like these S+P shakers from my husbands grandmother, my vintage styled Milk bottles, some Jones soda bottles (all cleaned up), a vintage scale I picked up at a yard sale, Mason jars, baskets, burlap and more Ikea dishes.

DIY Kitchen Open Shelving

I am loving how these turned out.  It was a great surprise when I realized that although busy, these shelves really lighten up the space.  The sun light reflects off of all the glass and stainless steel making it glimmer like a faceted crystal.  Bonus number two?  My kids can put the dishes away easily and the glasses are ready to be set at the table without mommy having to get them down!  Win Win, I love it!  So for a total of $35 a shelf times 5 shelves, it cost me a whopping $175 for this entire wall (I already had all of the accessories, most were hidden behind cabinet doors)!  Oh how I love to display.

DIY Kitchen Open Shelving

 To see how these match with my kitchen, check out my Kitchen Open House

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  • I love these, but it just makes me sad we don’t have an IKEA. Great job. Looks amazing. :)

  • What a find! This came together nicely. So much storage, yet it does not take up too much visual space. I agree, it must be the reflective surfaces.
    Looks good!

  • seriously – fabulous!! it is styled PERFECTLY!

  • I loooooovve this!!!!!

  • Amanda, you never disappoint …this looks great…xo

  • I love everything about it!!!!!! I’ve always wanted that look but I don’t think I have enough dishes…! :)

    Enjoy your beautiful new shelves!


  • These shelves are seriously awesome! The deep wood brackets with the stainless are just perf:)If you have a chance, I would be super excited if you linked up at my party going on right now (there is a giveaway too!)

  • Wow, these look gorgeous! The stainless steel and the warm wood together are perfection.

  • The shelves look great!

  • *LOVE* I have wanted to do something like this for soooo long! Its fabulous…I have been a fan of your blog for awhile, but when saw Christy’s comment to you on these shelves and I knew I needed check out what you were up to. So glad to have seen them–putting this on my long list of projects I need to do! Great job!

  • That is such a beautiful piece you’ve made there! It inspires me to also put up something like that in a blank corner we have at home. Those wood brackets really complement the stainless shelves. I really thought that combining stainless to wood won’t look great but it wowed me when I saw yours.

    • Tania,
      I know the wood and stainless is a bit crazy sounding, but it works! Thanks for reading.

  • Love all of it! Awesome job and love your colors! KL

  • I found your blog while searching through “western” themed photos over at So glad I did! These shelves are exactly what I had in my head for our new kitchen so imagine my excitement when I saw them!!! Love your blog and your style!

  • Simply beautiful. What color is the paint in your kitchen? Love the blue!

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  • Im no master, however I trust you simply made a brilliant point. You absolutely completely comprehend what youre talking about, and I can genuinely get behind that.

  • I love the full wall of shelves!!!!! I want to mention that I have seen those Brackets also used on windows; one on each side at the top or higher to your liking…. to hold a round curtain rod through the holes and position curtains to cover the brackets. Then on the very top you can have a shelf. I like that idea a lot as well. By the way, I saw you because I was looking at the great wheeled bed you DIYed for your son. Awesome. Thanks. Deanna in Oregon

  • looking good

  • nice post

  • You know your projects stand out of the herd. There is something special about them. It seems to me all of them are really brilliant!

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