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Tips for Cleaning and Polishing Outdoor Furniture

This is my deck and outdoor dining set.  We purchased it around seven years ago from Sam’s Club.  This set looks amazing despite living most of its life in the harsh sun, rain, and hosting hundreds of meals.  But it didn’t always look this great.

Tips for Cleaning and Polishing Outdoor Tables and Chairs

The surface of the metal gets dull over time and those grease spots from last nights pizza glare at who ever is sitting in front of it.  I was having a few friends over for lunch and wanted to eat out side when I tried everything to get this table to look new again.  That’s when I discovered the magic of Sprayway’s Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish!  (and NO, this is NOT a sponsored post, I just happen to be obsessed with Sprayway brand cleaners)  In one quick step I just sprayed the Stainless Steel spray all over the table and wiped away 7 years of ick.  It also had the great side effect of shinning everything up!

Tips for Cleaning and Polishing Outdoor Tables and Chairs

Here is the table, all clean in the bright sun.  I was hoping to capture the deep shine and metallic finish that the Sprayway cleaner brought out.  You’ll just have to trust me since this pic isn’t doing it justice.

Tips for Cleaning and Polishing Outdoor Tables and Chairs

When my husband saw the table, he flipped out because the difference was THAT dramatic.  I continued to polish up the chairs for a whole new fresh feel.

Tips for Cleaning and Polishing Outdoor Tables and Chairs

A few tips:

  • The polished effect lasted about 2 weeks for my table
  • The Sprayway Stainless Steel cleaner is available at most box stores
  • Enjoy outdoor eating as often as possible!  We love our own private “cafe” outside.
  • If you are looking for an outdoor table set, I highly recommend open metal like mine.  It has much less maintenance than glass, doesn’t break, and is much lighter than the stone topped style.


  • Wow, that is awesome! I didn’t even know that existed!

  • Love this stuff! It’s the only thing we’ve found that really does well on our stainless steel appliances. What a great idea to try it outside.

  • I appreciate you providing some basic tips on how to clean and polish your outdoor furniture. It’s always good to look for the best cleaning detergent available on the market that would ensure the smooth and shiny appearance of your furniture. I’m actually quite impressed with the photos you uploaded. Those tables look really sleek and classy. I’ll make sure to take heed of your advice and make sure to purchase the right cleaning material for my furniture. Thanks.

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