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Since Thanksgiving is this week, I decided to break out of my normal blogging about projects, and take some time to express my gratitude for a few of my favorite things.   Vintage Thrifting/Yard SalesI know, kind of a weird thing to be “Grateful” for, but I am.  Whether I have been fortunate in the financial department or barely scraping by, I have always loved going to the thrift store, yard sales, or estate sales.  Just the other day I had “no money” on me and stopped off at a yard sale on my way home from picking up my son Jake from a friends.  I found an adorable little doe statue, asking price?  25 cents.  I ran back to my car and dug up a quarter from between the seats and drove home giddy about my newest find.  I mean really, what hobby do you know of that is that cheap?  And yet thrilling.



There is little that brings me more pure happiness than finishing a project that I created.  It’s like a puzzle figuring out what I want to make, how to go about making it, doing all the hard work and ending up with a fabulous new piece of art (or furniture, or light etc.).  That is one of the great things about my blog, I get to create what ever I want, show/teach you how to make one too, and enjoy my project in my home for years to come. Lighting You are probably sick of hearing about how much I love lighting.  If I were to open a store, I think it would center around lighting.  Lighting can make a room feel twice its size, highlight art work, ground a large room, ad glamor or an industrial vibe.  I really love  love  love lighting and am grateful we live in a time with electricity. Cozy Fires and Hot Chocolate I mean really, who doesn’t love a cozy fire and hot chocolate.  In the summer at a campsite, a beach bonfire, or in the back yard.  In the winter, I love sitting on the hearth in my family room with a cup of hot cocoa.  The fireplace is in the center of my home and very dramatic by design.   Pinterest If it weren’t for Pinterest, I wouldn’t have started a blog.  Once I saw the amazing projects shared on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to share all the crazy projects I work on at my house.  I love being inspired by others on Pinterest and adding my thoughts, ideas and images there as well.  Here is a crazy fact, my Pantry has been pinned over 240,000 times!  Thank you Pinterest for allowing people around the world to be exposed to my little pantry. Families There is nothing that I am more grateful for than my family.  My husband is the best.  We are like two perfectly fit puzzle pieces.   He is smart, supportive, creative, hardworking, and a fantastic father to our 4 sweet boys.  As for those boys, I love each of them and their unique spirits.  They are funny, kind, smart, and loving.  I am also grateful for my parents and siblings, we are a very tight group and I can’t imagine life with out them.  I am thankful for the knowledge that our family will be together forever.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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