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Hide That Junk {Outdoor Dropcloth Curtains}


This is our backyard deck.  It is hard working with a large 12′ x 14′  waterproof surface up top and a 10′ x 14′ storage area below.  It has about 4’6″  clearance, not enough to walk around under, but tall enough to store a lot of stuff.  To keep things nice and tidy I made curtains from drop cloths to hang below and cover all the junk.

Organizing Outdoor Storage Under a Deck

This was a very simple project, in fact, this is the second time I have done this.  The first set lasted about 5 years and worked great, they just started to disintegrate so it was time for a fresh pair.  After measuring my deck, I determined that I needed two canvas drop cloths with the following dimensions.  I prefered the ones from Lowe’s because of their color and texture.  I purchased a grommet set from Harbor Freight for $3.99  It was a super deal, BUT you get what you pay for with these (don’t use these grommets where you are going to see them, they are very cheap and don’t set smooth and even).  I also did NOT use their “cutting” tool that came with the set.  Instead snip the drop cloth with scissors or the grommet will pull out.

Organizing Outdoor Storage Under a Deck

I started by sewing a hem of about 3 inches across the bottom of the drop cloth, just to add a little extra weight to help weigh it down.  Then I added the grommets about every 10 inches, I didn’t bother measuring, I just put them where the folds were from when it was in the package.  Then I held the curtain so it almost touched the ground (knowing that it will stretch out over time) and placed a nail in the grommet and pounded it into the back side of the deck beam.  I stretched it all the way across the front of the deck and then used a separate one along the side making sure they over lapped a bit.

Organizing Outdoor Storage Under a Deck

Here is my packed storage.  On the left hand shelves is where my Christmas decor usually goes, but it is upstairs in a holding pattern waiting to be put up.  All of our outdoor toys, tools, and deck furniture fit snug underneath.

Organizing Outdoor Storage Under a Deck

The snow blower waits patiently on the edge in an easy to reach spot for when it is needed.

Organizing Outdoor Storage Under a Deck

And the after…I love that all this stuff is out here, staying dry, out of sight and best of all, NOT clogging up my precious garage space.

Organizing Outdoor Storage Under a Deck

So there you have it.  Simple, quick, easy curtains to hide all that necessary junk we all have…please tell me I’m not the only one with too much stuff.

Organizing Outdoor Storage Under a Deck


  • I love this idea. I have the perfect space to this. I was trying to decide what type of fabric to purchase but drop cloths are not only more durable and less expensive and easy to replace. Can’t wait to go buy drop cloths and grommets!

  • How did you make the deck waterproof to keep items underneath dry? What kind of surface is it? Great idea bcs we aren’t allowed sheds in our yard.

    • Gretchen, It is an epoxy coating that is used for ship decks. This is our second deck with this material and we love it. If I can find the brand, I’ll update this. We searched until we found a paint and coatings store that carried it. It is “painted” over a double layer of heavy duty tongue and groove plywood.

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  • Putting grommet HOLES in fabric is a b………the hole punch does not make a clean cut, use LEATHER HOLE PUNCHES….

    • Judy, you need to cut the fabric with scissors, then use the grommets to seal and clean up the edges.

  • I am going to use these drop cloths to hide a storage area in the garage……i am using iron pipe as the rod with1 1/2 inch plastic grommets from fabricstore……do you know of any other inexpensive fabric other than this?

    Love your cool projects!

  • looking good

  • nice post

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