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Shipping Crate Christmas Tree Stand

Artificial Christmas tree or Fresh Cut?  I’m Artificial all the way.  And, if I’m not hosting a Thanksgiving feast, I like to put it up the week before Thanksgiving.  Yep, I’m one of those people.  Don’t get me wrong, I respect the bird, but why not enjoy your Christmas tree as long as possible, another reason I love artificial.  This year was no different.  I was so excited to put my tree up this year, mostly because of a crate that was repurposing.

I made a usual stop at our local ReStore and purchased a huge classroom chalkboard.  I had to pull around to the back for the guys that work there to load it in my van.  That is when I spotted this amazing crate.  It was huge, wrapped in plastic, and stacked out in the yard.  I asked the guy loading my chalkboard how much it was.  He said “how about $5″.  I went inside and paid the clerk.  Then ran home, unloaded the chalkboard and ran back to pick up the crate.  It is heavy, sturdy, and has awesome stamping on the side.  I think it was a crate to deliver stone from India called “California Gold”.  I couldn’t image better words stamped on the side.  It even has three green L brackets on each corner.  I have lots of plans for this crate, but for this post, it’s about the Christmas Tree.  I cleaned it off and brought it inside my house.

Natural Burlap and Champagne Christmas Tree in a Crate

I took some green fabric I had and stapled it to the inside to line the crate.

Natural Burlap and Champagne Christmas Tree in a Crate

Then I place four buckets upside down inside the crate.

Natural Burlap and Champagne Christmas Tree in a Crate

A piece of scrap plywood (that actually came in the crate) was laid across the buckets.

Natural Burlap and Champagne Christmas Tree in a Crate

I stuck my tree stand on top of the plywood.

Natural Burlap and Champagne Christmas Tree in a Crate

 Then with help from Justin, we placed our 9 ft Costco tree in it’s stand.  I grabbed some burlap coffee bags I had on hand (from  It gives the felling that my tree’s roots are wrapped in burlap.  And since it is such a huge tree, it had to be transported via a crate and probably a forklift.

Natural Burlap and Champagne Christmas Tree in a Crate

 I am honestly in love with this.  I usually raise my tree up to give it more drama, but this takes the cake.  The weathered wood and burlap add such a natural feel to my “fake” tree and the crate gives a cleaner crisper look than a traditional tree skirt or fabric like I used on last years tree.

Natural Burlap and Champagne Christmas Tree in a Crate

 Let the Christmas decorating continue!  What do you use for a tree stand?

To see how this stand was turned into a coffee table, click the photo below:

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  • Absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this !!!! Very clever.

    I’m also kinda diggin’ on the burlap swag with the stenciled”Merry Christmas”….can I assume that is one of your handy projects?

    • Fantastic idea to raise the Christmas tree. Our greatroom has 30′ ceilings and so our what we thought was tall fake Christmas tree looks pretty small. You’ve got me thinking! High is better!

      • Wow! 30′? I bet it is an amazing space. Elevating any size tree couldn’t hurt with that height :)

    • Thanks James. And yes, I made the “Merry Christmas” burlap ribbon.

  • Love EVERYTHING about this!!!!!!

  • Really a cute idea!! I think we’ll try it this year; that way we can buy a shorter tree!! :D

    • Seriously! I’ve seen a bunch of “tabletop” trees this year. So cute and affordable.

  • Soooo cute!!! Nice tutorial ! Thanks for sharing

  • Such a great idea! I love it. Megan

  • WOW!!! Great idea, and great look with your tree! Love it!

  • Perfect solution! We need something to hide our tree stand. I’ll remember this for next year!

  • Might even be Jack Russell proof.

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  • Do you sell these?

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  • nice post

  • looking good

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