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Trimming The Tree {Champagne & Neutrals}

So earlier this week I shared my Christmas Tree crate.  Today I’m going to share with you my  entire tree.  I changed it up this year and went with a natural, neutral, burlap, and champagne theme.

Natural Burlap and Champagne Christmas Tree in a Crate

I started by putting my tree in the crate.  Then I wrapped burlap fabric around and around the entire tree.

Natural Burlap and Champagne Christmas Tree in a Crate

Then 5 champagne tinsel garlands that I picked up at Target this year.  I LOVE these.  They are almost matte and the perfect mix of silver and gold.

Natural Burlap and Champagne Christmas Tree in a Crate

Next I added the driftwood garland that I made earlier this year.  I love the natural wood element infused into my very faux tree.  I should have added my Merry Christmas burlap ribbon now, but I forgot and added it at the end working it in around the ornaments.

Natural Burlap and Champagne Christmas Tree

I continued by layering in all of my ornaments.  On the left are collected pinecones that I simply painted with a mix of silver and gold craft paint.  I strung groups of 5 together with hemp chording.  Feathers are always fun, these clips were from Walmart a few years ago.  And I’ve started collecting these flat glass ornaments, this one also from Walmart.

Neutral and Natural Christmas Tree

I love this glass ornament from Walmart’s collection this year.  Very vintage and reminds me of gilded Greek Orthodox art.  And for the quirky “ornaments” I remembered that I had a bunch of tan and linen cargo pockets that I have been collecting.  I hung them around with clothes pins and plan on putting little treasures inside for the kids.

Neutral and Natural Christmas Tree

To go along with all of the driftwood garland, my mom got me two of these little driftwood trees, they match perfectly.  To fill in any holes in the tree, I took a few of the sewing pattern flowers off my wall and nestled them right in.  A few oversized matte gold balls got tucked in too.  I love how they look with the burlap.

Neutral and Natural Christmas Tree

How cute is this little elf?  It was my husband’s grandma’s.  I love that it is pale gold and blends in with this years tree.  The cream balls are also vintage and belonged to her as well.  A brown acorn stands out in front of the champagne tinsel.

Neutral and Natural Christmas Tree

I used my old tree topper, feathers, gold spray and copper and brown faux leaves.  I had planned on topping my entire tree with my DIY Marquee Star, but I made it SOOO HUGE that it didn’t quite work.

Neutral and Natural Christmas Tree

If you look close in the center of the tree, you can see a set of antlers I wired to the tree.  One of my favorite features of this years adventure.

Neutral and Natural Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas!

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  • Hi Amanda,
    I always look forward to my emails from you! Your projects are some of my favorite. Love your tree.
    Your projects inspire me,

  • wow! What an absolutely gorgeous tree! I really love what you’ve done with it. Very classy. I’m also new here, so hi! :)

  • Your tree is stunning! I love the neutrals and the outdoors ornaments, I’m from the NW and my family is really into hunting and fishing and they would adore this! I love that it is so full of character and so elegant at the same time.

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