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Oh Deer! Christmas Mantle

Velvet Antler Deer and Pallet Christmas Mantle

So I was loving all of the faux taxidermy found all around the internet.  I searched for life sized paper mache, plaster, even gilded deer heads.  They were all very expensive, $150 plus.  Then, since I live in a prime hunting state, I figured I’d check our local classifieds at  I looked up taxidermy and that’s when I fell in love with this buck.  The owner was asking $50…yep, $50 for the REAL DEAL!  We met up at a convenience store and she pulled it out of the back of her Jeep.  It was even prettier than the pictures on the web.  I was giddy the whole way home.  As I began showing it to friends, family, and anyone who would listen I started getting a lot of street cred among people I didn’t know were hunters.  They all seemed a bit dissapointed when I told them I bought it off of KSL.  Ha ha.  I’m definitely NOT a hunter, I don’t own a gun and am afraid of wild deer, especially on the road.  But, since this one was already mounted and it’s owner needed some cash, I felt it was a win win.

Velvet Antler Taxidermy and Pallet Christmas Mantle

I strapped the pallet to the wall using an L bracket I found in my garage.  Then my husband kindly re attached it into a stud, hence the extra hole.

Velvet Antler Deer and Pallet Christmas Mantle

In the center of the pallet I hung my beautiful Deer.  I absolutely adore the velvet antlers.  Little did I know, that meant it was hunted with a bow and arrow early in the season.  This is actually a beautiful buck.  Very delicate with blush colored ears and long lashes.  I’d say it’s a she, but the antlers obviously prove me wrong.

Velvet Antler Deer and Pallet Christmas Mantle

I wrapped an over sized wreath with pearl glass lights from Target, some funky paper like ribbon and champagne tinsel also from Target.  The gold glitter “Merry Christmas” sign is from Hobby Lobby.

Velvet Antler Deer and Pallet Christmas Mantle

Moving down below the deer I laid out my one and only Black Friday steal, $5 fresh 15′ garland from Home Depot.  Then the letters WISH hold my four boys stockings.  I made these a few years ago.  Very simple, just faux  elephant skin microfiber for the sock and a faux fox fur cuff around the top.  Some fancy upholstery trim is tacked on to hang the stockings.  A few metal tags with Silhouette cut letters of each name help us know who’s is whose.

Velvet Antler Deer and Pallet Christmas Mantle

Although these projects were conceived years apart and without thought of one another, their style’s blend perfectly.  The faux furs of the stockings incorporate all of the color and dimensions in the buck’s hair and in turn the weathered pallet.

Velvet Antler Deer and Pallet Christmas Mantle

While I love my deer, he will be strictly a “Christmas” time decorations.  The rest of the year he will be hanging in my basement storage room patiently waiting to watch over us during the next holiday season (at least that is what I am telling my husband, ha ha).  You don’t think I’m crazy for having taxidermy up in my home do you?

Velvet Antler Deer and Pallet Christmas Mantle

Merry Christmas, my Deer.

Velvet Antler Deer and Pallet Christmas Mantle

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  • Cute idea!! Is he permanent decor or seasonal? My walls aren’t tall enough , but this is a great idea that I can try to work with. :D

  • That’s so beautiful! Makes me want to go in search of an already mounted deer. Your room looks so warm and inviting and the whole deer decor is fantastic!

  • Was browsing Google for some nature-themed Christmas decor and came across your post. This is so great, what an awesome idea…and your living room is GORGEOUS!! :-)

    • Awe, Thanks Jamie! It’s the sixth of November and it is taking everything I have not to put it up TODAY for this year!

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