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Wrapping Up Christmas

Last week I was in line at Costco when a woman came up to me and asked me what I thought of the wrapping paper she was debating buying.  It was bright green with little cartoon animals all over it.  Honestly, I was taken aback when she asked me what I deemed a very “personal” question.  I stuttered “It’s …. cute”.  Then I proceeded to explain to her that I choose my Christmas wrapping paper to match my holiday decor.  That was NOT what she was expecting, she shrugged me off like I was some type of major weirdo.  Since I have very thick skin and confidence in my ability to “Wrap up Christmas” I left determined to keep up my tradition and start wrapping up all of the presents that were hidden throughout my house.

Detailed Christmas Wrapping Presents to Match Your Decor

 When I am wrapping Christmas presents, I like to lay out all of my supplies on our kitchen island.  I gather any fancy tapes, ribbons, gift tags, ornaments etc. that I may want to use.  Then there are the papers.  Every year, usually in October, I check out all of the wrapping papers available at Target, Hobby Lobby and anywhere else I happen to be out shopping.  I like to have a variety of scale, texture, and sheen.  I add one or two more papers each year and since I have seven right now, there are a lot of variety in the actual presents wrapped.  My favorite Christmas colors are Red, Gold and Browns so that is mostly what my papers are made up of.

Detailed Christmas Wrapping Presents to Match Your Decor

Then I get wrapping while I dance to Christmas music.  Honestly, wrapping presents locked in my room late at night used to be the way I did things.  Then when I decided that wrapping would be a fun, artistic, and beautiful way to share the Christmas spirit, it all changed.  Now I do it while the kids are at school.  My 3-year-old is my little helper and he is so easily distracted by fresh fallen snow or Mickey’s Clubhouse that I can wrap his presents right under his nose and he doesn’t even know it.

I love buying the huge packages of gift tags from Costco and/or Sam’s Club.  Then I try to match the tags to the wrap that I have.

Detailed Christmas Wrapping Presents to Match Your Decor

 After all the presents are wrapped with care, I grab a ladder and pile them up on a plant shelf above our front door.  I learned long ago never to store the presents under the tree, or they will surely get opened, or at least peaked at.  Putting the presents up high adds mystery and wonder.  No one can shake or rattle their gifts.  They can’t even tell who’s is who’s.

Detailed Christmas Wrapping Presents to Match Your Decor

I am loving this oversized pipe cleaner in red or champagne that I picked up at Sam’s Club this year.

Detailed Christmas Wrapping Presents to Match Your Decor

Last week when the kids came home from school and noticed the presents all wrapped above the front door, you could see the joy and excitement written all over their faces.

Detailed Christmas Wrapping Presents to Match Your Decor

And for me, I love seeing the beautiful papers, tags, and ribbons filling an otherwise unfestive plant shelf.  Merry Christmas and have fun Wrapping Up Christmas.


  • My Mom (and me to a certain extent) do the same thing. You know which of her three trees to put a present under based on how it is wrapped.

  • love the red & white damask paper… so beautiful!

  • Just catching up on my blog reading….wish I had a place UP HIGH to display (and hide) our gifts! I now just don’t put tags on them….they all just have a code hand written on the bottom that only I know….that way, no one which ones are theirs! Works like a charm! LOVE your decor theme this year….matches MY home! ~Kim

  • What’s your rule about the paper once the presents are unwrapped? Do you try and use it for something else and make everybody unwrap slowly and carefully or is it rip it and go?

    • Julie, I am kind of ridiculous and save the ribbon and the cards. Then I save them with my Christmas decor and reuse it the next Christmas. Kind of embarrassing, but true. The paper I throw out.

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