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5 Project Fails of 2012

In reflecting back over the past year (and a few months) since I started blogging, I realized that I usually share a cool project, list the how to’s and send it out into the blogosphere and the world of Pinterest, but rarely share what happened to all of those projects over the next days and months.  Instead of giving you a glammed up version of my best projects of 2012, I thought I’d share a few mistakes, changes, and fails that came AFTER I hit the “publish” button.


The 5 Project Fails You Didn't Know About


1. My pantry.  While I love my pantry, I wrote that post mostly to show my organizing abilities in order to land a spot on a local TV program.  It worked!  And my pantry went crazy viral.  I don’t have a “fail” for my pantry, but some of the comments were hilarious and worth taking a look at.  Especially this one “Your pantry is gorgeous but howwww can u in good conscience feed your family all of that processed crap?maybe now that u have organized your chips u could spend a little more time cooking healthy for them and yourself .”   Seriously?!

Tips for an Organized Pantry

2. Tripple Succulent Centerpiece.  This was as pretty as it appeared…for a few days.  Then I realized that the wood was cracking because of the water that I was feeding the plants.  I quickly went to JoAnn’s and bought small glass votive holders, a package of 12 for around $6.  I transplanted each plant into the glass vases and put them back in the sugar mold.  But that was only the beginning.  I forgot to mention that I have a black thumb for most indoor plants.  The succulents died a slow cruel death mocking me every time I walked by.  Meanwhile, my little planter was getting pinned repeatedly, only serving as a constant reminder of my fail.  After a few months of looking at dead plants, I replaced the plants with candles and the embarrassment with warm candlelight.  All in all, the price of the tiny plants was still less than purchasing a pricey arrangement from a florist, so I guess all is well.

3. One of my all time favorite projects of 2012 really never caught on.  It is my Marquee Light Up Star.  Maybe my photos never did it justice.  Maybe the scale didn’t come through the computer screen, or maybe the fact that it looks like it is heavy metal but yet light as a feather wasn’t clear  with my poor photography skills.  Anyway, the fail on this project?  I made it from light weight foam core board in order to strap it to the top of my Christmas tree.  THAT was the whole purpose of me making the star.  Did you see it on top of my tree?  No.  I hiked it up the ladder, strapped it on top of my 9 ft tree (with no problem, might I add) but I accidentally made it TOO HUGE!  It was way off scale and looked redonculous.   So now it sits on a plant shelf overlooking my family room.  Cool, but not nearly as dramatic as I had planned.  Oh well.

DIY Vintage Industrial Light Up Star Sign

4. Sofa Fail.  Did you see the post I did about how to pick out the perfect sofa?  Well I followed my 9 out of 10 of my own advise except for the one about making sure it will fit.  My husband and I found the perfect leather sectional at Macy’s this past summer.  It was all leather, would fit perfect in our soon to be completed basement, and had a bed built into one side.  All for $1000!  We quickly snatched it up and placed it in the family room until the basement was complete.  Just before Christmas the carpet was laid and the painting complete.  It was time to move the new sectional into the basement.  THIS is where the FAIL becomes crystal clear.  There was NO possible way to get it down the stairwell.  And I mean NO way.  How do I know?  Because we pushed, shoved, turned, and cussed until we finally placed it back in the family room only to reveal gashes, holes, and scratches in all the walls that the sofa had touched.  For a moment it was literally suspended in the air held up only by corners jammed into the dry wall.  Major repair was necessary as was busting out a basement window in order to finally get it into it’s perfect place.  Upside?  We now know how to remove and repair a broken basement window.  I was so upset that I did not take a photo of my own FAIL, but the one I used in my post was a creepy forewarning I failed to heed.

5. OK, this project was officially completed in 2011, but I had to add it to the list.  My Union Jack drop table.  While I did list the fails and how difficult this project ended up, what I didn’t add was that I have NO place in my house for this adorable little table.  So it has sat in storage pretty much since I finished it.  Now for the good news, I’m giving it away!  First one to comment and pick this little guy up gets it.  I’m in Orem, UT so be sure you are ready for a road trip if you aren’t local.  I’ll email the winner to coordinate a pick up.

Distressed Union Jack

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  • Oooo… I’d love the table!!!

  • hahaha Amanda you crack me up! I can’t believe you knocked out a basement window to get the couch in. I’m guessing that couch will be sold with the house!

  • Love this post! Keeping it real. Wish I was closer…love that table!

  • Amanda, I thoroughly enjoyed your post and love that you shared this with us! I happen to love your star!…and the table! I can so totally relate to great projects that don’t translate we’ll to photos….what I am saying, I am such a bad photographer but working on it! Love that you go for it and celebrate the “great” and the less great! Looking forward to seeing what you share in 2013!

  • I love this- thanks for sharing :)


  • I’m so glad you aren’t perfect-I love the couch in the stairwell and can relate to that problem with furniture not fitting….The food police are after you, eh?…my personal opinion is I feel it is not polite to push your own agenda for eating onto others. If you want to be vegan, please do so quietly and don’t try to tell me I can’t have my steak!
    Few things are more annoying than having someone who doesn’t even know you try to tell you how they think you should live your own life…

  • ah yes, the epic fails post. we all have them. one of mine was a memory cannister i decoupaged. it never made it to a post. it was pitiful. it looked better with oatmeal in it.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed this!! You’re awesome. Now get on over there to the new Trader Joes and get some sort of organic nuts and seaweed for your boys.

    • Thanks Jen! You know my boys would love seaweed AND organic nuts. Don’t all kids love that stuff?

  • I shouldnt have read this at work. Now all my co-workers are stairing at me for laughing so hard. LOL. You aweful chip feeding mother you…LMBO. We buy the small bags by the big boxes…smh Thanks for sharing this with us!

  • If Mary doesn’t take the table…I want!

  • I don’t have as many ‘successes’ as you, but I do have plenty in the ‘fail’ category. Here are just two examples:

    1. Globe Pendent Light – http://decorumdiyer.wordpress.com/201228/schoooools-out-for-ev-er-part-i/

    2. Ombre’ Dresser – http://decorumdiyer.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/what-up-hombre/

  • hahahaha, I was looking at all the crappy food in your pantry and thought to myself, self, that looks just like our grocery list in all those baskets! but, I do keep a fresh steady bowl of various fruits on the kitchen counter, so they grab that first or last, depending which way they entered the kitchen. Love your ideas and your photos!

  • Bless your heart. Why does somebody else care what you feed your kids, sheesh, live and let live. My kids (all 4 of them) ate fast food, chips, lots of home made cookies and cakes, etc. , they all have gorgeous teeth and are healthy as horses.
    They also played outside and didn’t watch that much tv as tv wasn’t that great in those days. My kids are now 52, 50, 49 and 43.
    My youngest son’s wife wouldn’t ever let us have our granddaughter unless she was sleeping as we might have given her a home made cookie. Did she ever think to tell us not to give her any cookies or chips. She also didn’t let us have her since we had a dog in the house. When we left San Diego our granddaughter was 2 yrs. old, didn’t know who we were. I think that’s pretty sad.
    Touchy subject huh? What we feed or fed our kids. I’m still trying to decide if it’s harder to be a DIL or a MIL? Believe me neither one is a picnic. But that’s a story I hope none of you have had to worry about.
    lol lots, Happy days

  • looking good

  • nice post

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