Reclaimed Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

I know I say this a lot, but, this is one of my favorite projects of all time!!!  It all started with a trip to ReStore.  If you’ve never been to ReStore, you must go!  It is a home improvement thrift store, just the description is dreamy, right?  Anyway, this was out in the yard and I asked how much, $5 later and it was in my van, ready for its new home.

DIY Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

I used it this last Christmas as my tree stand and swooned every time I looked at it .  I couldn’t bare to put it back outside after Christmas so I decided to turn it into the diy coffee table I always knew it could be.

I started out with a trip to Home Depot and picked up a 1/2 sheet of plywood.  It was a 4X4 sheet of pre-sanded plywood in the project section.  No cutting and wasting, no giant pieces of plywood to shove in the van, just a small, concise piece that even I could carry on my own (no awkward cart required).  It was $22 and worth every penny.

DIY Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

The plywood was a touch too big to fit inside the four corners of the crate so I used a pencil and scratched a line around from the underside.  Then I flipped it over on a couple of saw horses and cut it out with a saw.  I did a few dry fits until it fit snug inside the crate.  (NOTE: for my crate, this piece of 15/32″ plywood fit perfect, check your crate to make sure it was made with the same dimensions before purchasing a piece of plywood)

DIY Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

Then with a quick sand of rough sand paper to smooth out all of the edges and any rough spots and I laid it in place.  I actually quite liked the look of the wood and considered finishing it off some how (and still may in the future) but then inspiration struck.

DIY Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

I grabbed a woven gray throw and wrapped the plywood top, stapling the edges to the underside.  It added sheen, texture, and color to the crate.  But it was still lacking somehow.

DIY Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

That was when my Sherpa rug came in.  My mom had bought it from Costco for me when I had my first baby.  He loved rolling around on it.  It graced every nursery after that.  Since I no longer have or need a nursery (keep your fingers crossed!) I was looking for a way to use it downstairs in our family room.  I didn’t want it getting a lot of foot traffic since they can be pricey to clean (trust me, we’ve had to have this one dry cleaned twice alread…come on, we had it in a nursery…?).  Laying it diagonal over the gray throw and hanging down the wood sides was perfection.

DIY Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

I love the juxtaposition of the rough wood, stamped and stenciled with rusted nails and green braces against the shimmery gray throw and the fluffy cream rug.

DIY Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

The colors are perfect with my grayish blue wall, charcoal chairs and light gray velvet sofa.

DIY Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

Here is a view from upstairs.  It is large and fills up the center of our family room, but acts as a great gathering spot.

DIY Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

Again, I’m loving the fancy gold accent table in the same room as the rustic coffee table.

DIY Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

Another photo to show how well the textures work together.

DIY Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

Now, for you traditionalists, this “coffee table” is not your traditional piece.  It is taller than the seat cushions of the sofas and the chairs.  This may bother some people, but not me.  I’ve always liked the UN traditional.

DIY Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

The crate is very sturdy (and heavy) and the plywood is quite strong even without any securing of it to the crate.  The sherpa lambs skin rug beckons the kids to lay on it (note the sleeping babe below).  It is a favorite spot to lay and watch tv, or to perch and play guitar.  Imagine having a party and eight people could sit around the edges and talk to the people on the hearth, sofas or chairs.

DIY Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

Here you can see how it all fits together in my current family room decor.  When things get switched over to Summer Beach, I’m sure this table will get a makeover of sorts.  (read about my wall hanging and neutral pallet mantle)

DIY Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

Alright, alright, I’ll stop talking, just enjoy the photos…

DIY Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

DIY Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

DIY Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

Total cost of this table: $5 crate, $22 plywood, throw, rug, and staples on hand = $27

Project Difficulty = super easy!

Project Time = 1 hour of fiddling with the wood and throw

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  • I love this look!

    So comfy and cozy!

  • Love it! It compliments the room nicely =)

  • I love the rustic look. That cart is such a great find. I love that you covered the top so that it was soft. Can I come hang out in your living room? It is beautiful.

  • I love it so very much! It turned out to perfection! And the size of it is the perfect fit for your large ceiling family room. Great job!

  • you are so clever! I really love your blog. Wish I had your creativity!! x

  • I love it. I really like the shape of it. I really need to get to the Restore…I have heard great things ….but sadly never been. Thanks!

  • This is so cool. I love bringing home stuff like this….but then I usually can’t get it put together like I want. My hubby works in accounting and is not great with new things especially something different.. but he’s so sweet…he just shakes his head and rolls his eyes and keeps on loving me and my weird ideas

    • I hear ya Judy. My husband often thinks my ideas are crazy, thankfully he smiles and goes along with it for me!

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  • Great post I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this interesting and knowledgeable article.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love the coffee table, if only my Mom would would somehow get rid (she could probably get a LOT of money for it, too). It was her mom’s, I get it, but even she thinks it’s ugly (she won’t say the word but alludes to it. Ha.) Anyway, so yes, definitely like the coffee table I think I would somehow put the plywood on hinges so that it could open. for storage.

    Personally, my favorite was the first picture where you put it around the tree. I assumed you lined the inside with painted plywood (even fabric may do). I was sitting here the whole thme thinking of how much trouble it would have saved. Our dog was okay about not getting into the tree or ornaments ON the tree, but became his new new favorite place to stash toys or lay down, (especially when he had something he knew he shouldn’t).

    What would you call that? Obviously it’s not a pallet which is all I’ve seen. Sorry this is so long. That just means I love your ideas that much! :)


  • nice post

  • looking good

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