Taking it up a Notch with a Glass and Marble Mosaic Bath Accent Wall

Look at what my hubs found at COSTCO, yes, Costco!   One box contained 5 square feet and cost $20 a box.  That is a steal of deal, better than the big home improvement stores.

Glass and Marble Tile Bathroom Accent Wall

It is a light aqua sea glass in matte and shiny finish mixed with Carrera marble.  Random lengths are attached parallel to one another with a mesh backing (the photo below shows the back side of the tile squares).  One very important thing to note is that the glass tile has been painted on the back side of each piece.  This makes it possible for a novice to install this tile (if the glass tile had been clear through the back like Oceanside tile, then any imperfections in the setting of the tile and the mastic are shown, even magnified).

Glass and Marble Tile Bathroom Accent Wall

So when we purchased this tile my husband knew exactly where he wanted to use it.  Our basement bathroom was recently finished, but he knew this would take the space up a notch, or two.  In all of the excitement he made one HUGE mistake that would cost him a lot of time and hassle.  He thought that he would start with whole sheets against the shower wall since that is one of the first places your eyes go when you enter the space.

What NOT to do when tiling a wall with mosaic tiles

What was the problem with this idea?  Well, in order to fill in the spaces from the tile to the shower, each piece needed to be cut and placed individually and he had to follow the pattern from other tiles.  The EASY solution would have been to cut the first tiles so that it was not a full tile against the shower.  This would have saved at least an hour of cutting and sticking these tiny pieces.  He did start with red chalk lines to make sure the whole project stayed level and perfectly spaced throughout.  (note: you can see that originally the bathroom was painted entirely light green “Fishnet” which matched great with the tile so the other three walls are still the same wall color (the color “Fishnet” by Valspar is no longer available on their site))

Glass and Marble Tile Bathroom Accent Wall

My husband is great at being meticulous, which works perfect when it is time for tile installation.  He removed the toilet and sink (it was just placed back here so we could see how it looked) and he cut the tiles around the outlets, valves, and light boxes.  These pictures are before grout.
Glass and Marble Tile Bathroom Accent Wall

 We chose un-sanded “bright white” grout from Home Depot to fill in all of the spaces.  It was a bit of a pain to fill in the entire wall, and we failed to seal it before we grouted it (which made the grout difficult to clean off the glass and stone).  It has now been sealed and put back together.

Glass and Marble Tile Bathroom Accent Wall

At first I was a bit nervous how the cool colors of the tile would flow with the faux stone tile from Home Depot but now that it is finished, I’m loving the contrast.  The floor tile is 16 X16 ceramic tile called Montagna and was set in a brick pattern.  I absolutely love this tile since it is very low maintenance and shows nothing!  Perfect for a kitchen or bathroom, especially in a basement where you don’t want to be cleaning all the time (ew, that sounds kind of gross now that I’m reading that, but you know what I mean, right?).

Basement Bathroom Floor: Marazzi Montagna 16 X 16 Belluno Porceline Tile from Home Depot

The sink in this bath was another great deal from Home Depot!  We picked it up with the mirror and wood base for $100 (they no longer carry it, but to get the look for a lot more, ha ha, click HERE).  The faucet isn’t my all time favorite, but it was on clearance at Lowe’s for $30, so I went with it.

Glass and Marble Tile Bathroom Accent Wall

Once again, my husband was right.  Adding this beautiful marble and glass tile along the entire wall in our basement bathroom definitely took it up a few notches.

Taking a Bathroom Up a Notch with Glass and Marble Tile One of my favorite things about this tile on this wall is it’s reflective quality.  This medium sized bathroom is lacking one major element that seems like a necessity in a bathroom…a window.  The reflection of light off of the shiny tiles gives you the illusion of more light while the depth of the clear glass adds a classic and contemporary feel at the same time.

Glass and Marble Tile Bathroom Accent Wall

Take your bathroom up a notch, and happy tiling!

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  • Gorgeous, Amanda! Your ambition never ceases to amaze me!

  • Gorgeous!! I’m hoping my Costco has it!! (hopefully you guys didn’t buy it too long ago?!) I have a teeny tiny kitchen that could use an uplift like this!

  • Beautiful!! I’m hoping my Costco has it!! (hopefully you guys didn’t buy it too long ago?!) I have a teeny tiny kitchen that could use an uplift like this!

  • This is simply beautiful. I love that tile, and the brightness and reflective quality really do make up for the lack of a window. Gorgeous job. Thanks for the great instructions too.

  • Wow, this is just gorgeous! I don’t envy you that installation job, though. Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven to say hi!

  • Your bathroom looks gorgeous! I love that you chose to cover the whole wall with the tile. I’ve been debating whether or not to do the same thing in my master bath, too. Well done!

  • LOVE your accent wall! Wow those colors are beautiful! Great job! Would love for you to share at the party! xo bridgett

  • Was that all just one box of tiles? Looks awesome!

  • ah.maz.ing! amazing! i wish there was a costco near me, b/c you’re the 3rd person i’ve seen find such great tiles there. and i love how you covered your whole wall with them. super impressed.

  • LOVE how this turned out!! That was an amazing price for those tiles!
    It really makes your bathroom so elegant:)


  • I just bought these tiles at my local Costco in Sydney.
    Bargain price, AU$4.36 a box = .45m2 per box .. So I decided just to buy two extra boxes (just in case hehe). We only need a backsplash done, only a small area, about 3m2 in total.
    I have never tiled by myself before but have seen it done many times and am willing now to give it a go :D
    I wonder.. what should you have sealed the tiles with prior to grouting?
    Great look by the way and well done

    • How exciting Gerard! As for tile sealer I would just go to a home improvement store, they would have a stone tile sealer. Just rub it on and buff before grouting. I’d love to see a picture of your finished space!

  • I got these same tiles at my Costco on clearance for $10 box. I bought all they had. It wasn’t enough to tile the entire bath/shower combo so they are accents as the first row of tile above the tub and another row at the height of one of the nooks we built in. We completed the job with subway tiles and a few accents of marble tiles to match the marble in the mosaics. It turned out to be a very affordable remodel and it has a spa-like feeling as a bonus.
    We found granite tiles on clearance sale at HD (I think they were a return of a special order). They were marked $20 a box and the lady at the desk marked them down to $10 when she saw us looking at them. It totally changed my small dated bathroom into a pretty space. Wish I knew how to post a picture here. I keep talking like I did some of the work but my only work was figuring out what I wanted to do once I got inspired by my find at Costco. My son did all the work involved with the remodel. Now I need to figure out how to clean this stuff. I have always used scrubbing bubbles in my tub/shower but I don’t think they should be used on the marble. Any ideas for me?

    • I love your deals! As for the cleaner, I’m not sure what to use. You might ask someone at a tile shop.

  • Hello, wondering if you have any of this tile left? I bought mine on Oct 2012 and did not start my project until now only to find i’m short a couple boxes

    • Bummer Bivi! I don’t, but let’s ask any other readers! Burlap and Denim readers: If you have any extra, email me and I’ll put you both in touch!

  • looking good

  • nice post

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