DIY Suitcase Dog Bed

I can’t wait to share my DIY Suitcase Dog Bed with you!  Okay, this post is really just a way for me to introduce you to my adorable new puppy!  We got him just in time for Easter and the whole family is in love with this little fluff ball.  His name is Chancho, as in “I would never leave you Chancho” from the great “Nacho Libre”.  Can you tell I have all boys and a 13-year-old named him?  Oh well, I love it too.  Now for the dog bed.

My awesome father in law found this old suitcase for me.  When he gave it to me we didn’t have a pup yet so I imagined it sitting on a shelf somewhere adding charm to my house.  But, once Chancho came in to our lives (literally later that day), I knew it would make the perfect dog bed.  This is not a new idea, but new for someone like me with my first dog ever.  The sandy colored exterior with its leather trim and gray stripes matched my homes interior perfectly.  The brown lining was in pretty good condition so I just hot glue gunned the parts that needed a little love.

DIY Suitcase Dog Bed {}

Then I inserted an old pillow and some left over quilting and covered them with a soft blanket that I had used as a throw.  It already matched my decor so it would be perfect.  The brown lining pockets serve as the perfect storage for Chancho’s brush, balls, leash, and bones.

DIY Suitcase Dog Bed {}

I was pretty happy at how the whole dog bed turned out and how it looked in my house, but the best part is how much Chanchy loves it.  I find him chillaxin’ on his back enjoying the sun streaming in through the window.

DIY Suitcase Dog Bed {}

 So there you have the easiest dog bed ever, and since I had all the materials, FREE!  And…the cutest pup ever too if you ask me.

DIY Suitcase Dog Bed {}



  • OH he is so adorable, could just put him in my purse and take him everywhere. Your dog bed is so nice, so versatile. It is so hard to find those old suitcases now and what a champ your fil was in bringing it to you. I had kind of a hard time looking at the dog bed as I was pining for your little Chancho.
    We had a small dog, miniature black cocker for over 14 yrs., she was definitely easier to take places. We have a 75 lb. black lab, border collie now and he’s not real quiet when anybody he doesn’t know comes around. But he’s our “little boy” and we live him to bits. Enjoy your new baby and great job making him an awesome bed. Happy Days

    • Thanks JaneEllen! I have put him in my purse and taken him to Lowe’s and Hobby Lobby. I can’t imagine having a big dog, but I’m sure my kids would love a big dog too.

  • What a great idea!!!! Looks wonderful and the puppy is adorable! What kind of dog is he?

    • Stacey, Thanks for stopping in! He is a Shih Tzu Maltese mix. Super fluffy, hypoallergenic and non-shedding. Perfect for kids and husband.

  • It was so nice to meet you at SNAP! Stopping by your blog! Having fun and following!

  • aww…such a cutie! and a great dog bed….I really need to come up with more attractive dog beds for my house!

  • CUTE !!!

    This made me laugh in so many different ways….I LOVE that your boys named the dog “Chancho” – do you say his name in a regular voice, or in a Nacho Libre voice? “Chanchc, I need to borrow some sway-ts!” hahah! Love that show!

    Another random – so…I feel like I should know you…were you at SNAP? That, plus, I teach with Mrs. Headman and she has nothing but amazing things to say about you and your cute blog…

    Moral of the story? I think we need to be friends. That’s all! Can’t wait to get to know you better!

    • Kaylynn, I was at SNAP! My neighbor Jen told me you were there after I got back, but with so many people at SNAP I missed meeting you! We should be friends :)

  • Wow! This is the cutest idea for dog’s bed ever! I need to try to do the same for my dog so that he could sleep with all conveniences :)
    Bill – implement your creative ideas with services.

  • looking good

  • nice post

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