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Mmmm, Avocados!

I love avocados!  I even went to an elementary school that was named after an avocado, “Fuerte”.  That’s what happens when you grow up in So.Cal.  There are avocado farms all over the hills in San Diego.  After making lots of guacamole, turkey sandwiches with avocado, and yummy salads topped with avocado, I thought I’d share a few tips for using these delicious treats of nature.

I always slice my avocado lengthwise then slide the halves apart.  Then with a gentle squeeze pop out the seed.  If the avocado is not perfectly ripe, strike it with a knife blade and turn it slightly, then lift up the knife and the seed will be attached.  You can throw the seed away, or keep it and place it in the leftover guacamole to help preserve it’s freshness (this is kind of a joke to me, since we NEVER have leftover guac!).

Tips for slicing and using Avocados in any Recipe

Whether I am using an avocado for guacamole or for a salad or sandwich, I always cut it up in the skin.  Just slice it in your hand softly so that you do not pierce through the skin.  This is especially helpful if your avocado is not quite ripe.

Tips for slicing and using Avocados in any Recipe

Since avocados are slippery cutting them in their skin helps keep them all uniform without getting a cutting board all messy.

Tips for slicing and using Avocados in any Recipe

Then with a spoon, simply scoop out the avocado.

Tips for slicing and using Avocados in any Recipe

If you are making guacamole, it is now ready to add your other ingredients.  For a salad or sandwich just scoop it right on top!

Tips for slicing and using Avocados in any Recipe

 What do you like your avocados on?  Do you have a great avocado recipe?  Leave a comment below and share!

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  • Love avocados! Love guacamole too. I love to root the pit and have avocado plants in my home……just wish they’d produce fruit! Had a huge avocado plant that I took to college with me back in the late 70s…..believe I’ve had two or three plants in my home since then. They tend to dye off so I just start another.

    • Gina, That is awesome! My kids are always trying to plant avocado and orange seeds in my backyard, but since we are in Utah, they’ll never grow. But, I could root the pit and seeds inside even if it is just for an inside plant! Thanks for sharing.

  • I had never had avocado til my husband and I got together, now I love them, oh heavens yum. When we eat them mostly we do so right out of the skin with a spoon and pepper shaker handy. Some people like my hubs who shouldn’t eat much salt use a salt shaker also. I could eat them til they come out my ears they taste so good and at least they’re good for you. I’ve never made guac but I sure love it in a restaurant. I don’t make it cause then I’d be wanting to eat it constantly with on the border chips and margaritas.
    I didn’t live in San Diego for 21 yrs, for nothing. Haven’t had a good margarita for long time tho. Think it’s time for a visit to Pacific Beach and the good Mexican eating spots.
    We lived in San Diego areas for 21 yrs. and boy did we enjoy the avocados there. Have fun bloggers, does somebody have a good guac recipe?

  • Yummy! I love avocado!! Yesterday while at my hairdresser, a catering lady came around and I bought a chicken salad stuffed avocado. Oh.my.goodness. It was so good and I did not miss the bread at all. The flavor of the chicken salad mixed with the creaminess of the avocado was wonderful. I will be making this again. It made for a wonderful lunch. Hugs, Shelly

  • nice post

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