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Youth Group Waffle Bar Date Night

Recently our church youth group held a group date with a waffle bar.  I was lucky enough to be a part of it so I’ll share how it all went down so you can recreate this really fun date night for any age.  We started with long tables covered in brown craft paper.  Then decorated the area around with some fabric pennants that I had made for another event.  Then we placed four waffle irons on the paper and all the toppings.  One of the young women wrote with a black sharpie instructions and labeled the syrups and toppings.

Youth Group Waffle Bar Date Night

Long tables were set up in a U shape.  We found these to work better than rounds since everyone was closer together and their dates sat right across from them.  The tables were also covered with brown craft paper and simple mason jars and flowers were added for decor.  Groups of sharpies of all colors were piled on the tables for the youth to doodle on as an ice breaker, they loved drawing and writing, by the time the night was over there wasn’t a space unmarked.

Youth Group Waffle Bar Date Night

Our youth leaders had all kinds of toppings including: fresh strawberries, tiny chocolate chips, powdered sugar, Reddi Whip, ice cream, Nutella, peanut butter, syrup, blue berry syrup  and butter.  Milk and OJ were served to drink.  It was delux.

Youth Group Waffle Bar Date Night

Each table was called up one at a time while the leaders served up fresh hot waffles.

Youth Group Waffle Bar Date Night

I almost forgot to take pictures of loaded waffles since they were eaten so quickly!

Youth Group Waffle Bar Date Night

After everyone ate one, two or three waffles, we played a really fun game called Rollick!  It is kind of like charades, but instead of one person acting it out for a group, the group acts it out for one of the couples while the leaders hold up the cards behind the guessers (I hope that makes sense, it was the perfect game for a youth group).

Youth Group Waffle Bar Date Night

So if you are looking for a fun activity for a youth group, this was fab.  It was a great environment for our 16 and 17 year olds to socialize with dates  and learn dating etiquette in a fun relaxed way.

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  • Well I’m surprised you don’t have my favorite waffle toppings: butter, then powdered sugar, then lemon juice. My kids won’t eat it any other way any more. Delish! You should try it.

    • Lemon? Really? We’ll have to try it. There is a truck called “Waffle Love” here that serves their waffles with Biscoff spread…oh my delish! I’m getting some next time I’m at Walmart or World Market.


  • Such a wonderful way for kids to get together, without pressure to be anything but nice teenagers. It’s wonderful kids that age want to attend church functions. They all look as tho they’re sure having a great time. Makes an older person feel good to see this. Great that adults are willing to give their time for them. Hooray for all.

    • JaneEllen, I totally agree. It was really fun to see them having face to face conversations and introducing each other to the group, and NOT on social media! We have such amazing youth where we live.

  • Our school did a fundraiser like this several years ago. A company came in and set up at least 20 waffle irons complete with batter at each iron; and all the fixins’ at the next table. It was a great all you can eat fundraiser.

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  • How did you divide your youth into couples? I totally LOVE this idea!

  • looking good

  • nice post

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