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1 Hour Closet Organization

Ar you interested in 1 hour closet organization?  Well, my sister and sister-in-law both put their houses up for sale the same month!  I immediately knew how I could help.  I begged both of them to let me reorganize their master closets.  I know, I’m really weird.  I followed as many of the steps from my post “From Blah to Boutique: Organizing a master closet”.  Here is closet #1 before:

  • Pretty typical for a master closet.  Built in shelving that is not adjustable.
  • all kinds of crazy colored, covered, plastic, metal and wood hangers (even the “free” ones from Target)
  • Shoes piled on top of each other
  • clothes facing different directions

Tips for No Cost, 1 Hour Closet Organization

I feel like these clothes are being disrespected when they are inside out, barely hanging on to a scrappy hanger.  Check out all of hangers poking out between the clothes.  It hurts my eyes, ha ha. Call me weird, I know I am.

Tips for No Cost, 1 Hour Closet Organization

Now after an hour or so of simple steps, the After:

  • I removed all of the random mismatched hangers and just kept the white plastic.
  • I re-hung all of the clothing facing the same direction (and all right side out)
  • Each section of clothing was organized in rainbow order
  • Shoes were moved to a different spot where they could each have their own space, not placed on top of each other
  • T-shirts and jeans were folded creases out and placed on size appropriate shelves

Tips for No Cost, 1 Hour Closet Organization

I also find it very interesting to see what color clothes people have.  This closet had mostly neutrals, white, black and gray with a few oranges in there.  Seeing your wardrobe like this can help let you see where you could add some “excitement” into your fashion.

Tips for No Cost, 1 Hour Closet Organization

Be sure to use all of the upper storage space.  Here we placed neutral extra bedding where it wasn’t easy to reach.

As for the second closet, I followed the same rules as the others.

Closet Organization Tips

I know it seems very Kindergarten, but just putting your clothing in rainbow order can really transform the space.

Tips for No Cost, 1 Hour Closet Organization

I placed shoes that weren’t worn much on the upper shelf while the ones used more often were left on the bottom shelves.  Jeans were once again folded crease out and stacked on shelves.

Tips for No Cost, 1 Hour Closet Organization

By maximizing the shelving up above the hanging clothes, the floor and hanging space are left open.  This closet had a few store-bought organizers already in them so I maximized them by staggering shoes, using the tops of the plastic drawers, skooching the drawer towers together so they look more substantial.

So, in about an hour, and NO extra cash, you can make your closet look clean, neat and tidy.  Oh, and did I mention how much the people looking to buy the houses commented on what “Great, Organized Closets” these were?  So if you are selling your house, don’t over look making your closet a show stopper, and if you aren’t selling, turn your closet into your own boutique by following all of my closet organizing tips HERE.

How to organize a walk in closet {Organizing a Master Closet}

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