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Trumpet Vines Pretty Up a Fence

When picking out our lot for the house we built, we were very excited to back up to a church park.  Hardly anyone uses the park and we have access to it through a gate in our back yard.  The bad news?  The back fence is chain link, not exactly my favorite.  It is dipped in black rubbery paint, but still not my dream.  In order to give ourselves a little privacy, some shade, and a lot of drama we decided to plant three Madame Galen Trumpet Creepers or Trumpet Vines.  For around $25 each, they are a steal of a deal.

Trumpet Vine

This lush green vine has been planted for about 5 years and is spectacular.  The flowers are a bright sunset orange and bloom like fireworks around the 4th of July.

trumpet vine

From the day we planted the trumpet vine we have weaved it through the chain link fence spreading it as wide as possible.  Then, as the vine starts to grow up above the fence we just let it go for a while making a magical tunnel that my kids absolutely love.

Trumpet Vines

Because the trumpet vine has grown so vigorously, it has over grown our 6 ft fence by at least 4 more feet!  It gives us so much shade.  I love the tropical feel of this cold hardy deciduous vine.

trumpet vine

An added bonus?  Humming birds and bees LOVE trumpet vines.  We love watching and listening to the birds and the bees as they enjoy hanging out in our yard.

Trumpet Vines



  • Those sure are great.They look so pretty and can see they cover the fence quite well.
    We’ll have to see if we can still find one to plant for now. Start working on covering up our fence. We had to fence in both front and back yards (1/2 acre) so our dog could be contained. We had gotten alot of fencing, gates from some people, not our idea of what kind of fence we wanted but had to get it put up quickly. I was going to have knee replacement surgery so wouldn’t be able to physically deal with dog for quite awhile while hubs at work during day. 75 lbs. of dog is not something somebody having knee surgery needs to play with. Glad you shared this project as we would like to have more privacy in our yards.

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