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Make a Wish: 16 Wishbone Decor Ideas

With fall’s arrival I think of Thanksgiving, which brings me to turkey, and then to the wishbone of course!  I recently purchased a pair of wishbone earrings and have loved the whimsy it has brought to my wardrobe.  There is just something about wishbones that I think are adorable.  If you like them too then today is your lucky day because I am sharing 16 wishbones in art, decor, furniture or fashion.

This adorable vintage style greeting card is from Papaya.

Wishbone Card from Papaya

This adorable “Oh Snap” graphic has been sold out on Etsy.  I love the quote.

Oh Snap Wishbone fine art print

The Lucky Break company sells faux wishbones for all your crafting or party needs!  Way easier than cleaning a bunch of chicken or turkey bones.

Wishbones for crafting or parties

Becky from Cup Half Full hand painted this adorable wishbone and framed it.

Wishbone painting DIY

And then there is the classic wishbone chair.  This one is from Overstock and is $142.  Not bad for such a fun color and the wishbone back to boot.

Mid Century Wishbone chair

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but this gold beauty is a “Colossal” wishbone from Anthropologie.  It is 24 karat gold plated and 13 inches long!  I’d love to have this on a shelf or stacked on a coffee table.  $58 doesn’t seem crazy for the size and gold plating.

Giant 24 Karat Gold Plated Wishbone

This little DIY from Formal Fringe adds a pop of color to this party.

Wishbone place setting

This card is sealed with a wishbone!  It was a corporate Christmas card where they gave Christmas “wishes” to their family, friends and clients.

Close a card with a Wishbone

The following photo needs no description, it is merely an open invitation to relax and enjoy this wishbone hammock.

Wishbone furniture

I love this creative wishbone bookcase.  Modern and funky, but I like it.

Wishbone Shelf by Pete Rodrigues

Bifftastica displayed a large wishbone collection that was passed down from family and now grace her home.  That’s quite a collection!

 Vintage Collection of Wishbones

Borganic made this little charm for a necklace from a wood branch in the shape of a wishbone, quite charming if you ask me.


As a wedding favor, this bride and groom painted the plastic wishbones from above and put them in gift bags that say “Best Wishes”.  I love the bright colors and little bags, adorable.

Bright Wishbones in "Best Wishes' bags

Carrie from Making Lemonade made a knock off of Pottery Barn’s wishbone plate.  I like hers better!  Click the photo for the tutorial.

16 Great Wishbone ideas

Too bad this T is out of stock right now, doesn’t it look cozy?

Topshop Wishbone Tee By Project Social T in Gray (grey marl) - Lyst

Are you crazy about these little fragile bird bones too?  Why not get this flexible wishbone mold on Etsy?

Wishbone - Flexible Silicone Mold - Push Mold, Jewelry Mold, Polymer Clay Mold, Resin Mold, Craft Mold, Food Mold, PMC Mold

I hope you enjoyed seeing all these great uses for wishbones.  If you hadn’t seen them around much, you probably will now.  So, when you are eating the Thanksgiving turkey this year, be sure and save the wishbone and you just might get your wish.

Do you like wishbones?  Have you seen a fun project using wishbones?  Share in the comments.


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  • so good to know that I’m not the only one to not be able to trash a wishbone. When the grandkids were little I saved them to make a wish with, and then I just saved them.

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