Tips for Getting FREE Posters From Store Displays

Guess what everyone, I got ANOTHER FREE poster!  This time I was at an outlet mall nearby and saw this beauty hanging in one of the store windows.  I fell in love immediately.

Tips for getting FREE posters from Retail Shops

  1.  I love anything nautical/beachy (okay, it has to be classy too)
  2. Who doesn’t love a little ombre in your house
  3. It is gray, turquoise and navy, three of my favorite colors
  4. It had no branding for the store I found it in!

So, as I shopped the shop and was purchasing a cute nautical navy and white boat neck sweater and a pair of fresh new pink flip-flops, I asked to be “put on the list” of people who were interested in having it when they rotated out their window display.  The clerk obliged even though she didn’t know such a list existed.  She jotted down my name and number and we left figuring I’d never hear from her.  Well we right, she never called.  NO ONE called.  A month or so later I happened to find myself up at the same outlet mall.  As I turned the corner past this shop the anchor poster was gone.  It had been replaced by a 70% off sign.  Summer clearance had arrived and the poster was nowhere in sight.  At my sisters suggestion I walked in and asked the clerk that was working the register (not the same one I had spoken to previously) if she knew what had become of the anchor poster that had once graced their store window.  I explained that I had been on “The List” of people who wanted the poster when they were finished with it.  She called her manager and I listened intently as she nodded, said “uh huh, I see, okay” etc.  Then she informed me that they don’t usually do this, but that she would go and grab it for me.  It was rolled up in the back and I thanked her profusely as she handed me my new FREE treasure.  I skipped and beamed as I left the mall, happier than if I had purchased ANYTHING that was available for sale.

 So, the moral of the story is (or the tips to getting your own FREE art are):

  • Always keep your eyes out for store displays and think how and where they may fit in your home.
  • Don’t be afraid to ASK.  The worst that could happen is they could say no.
  • Remember that EVERY store changes out displays regularly and most throw their old ones away.
  • Know that some stores give employees first shot at store displays (ie. The Gap)
  • Ask with confidence, say “I’d like to be put on a list for _________ poster.  Here is my name and phone #”  Act as if there IS a list, even if there isn’t.
  • Ask often, if the sales rep is different on a different trip into the shop, ask them too, they may have a different policy than the previous person.
  • If the display has changed, don’t assume you have lost it, ASK again.
  • Don’t be worried if they say they have to check with their manager.  EVERY time this has happened to me, the manager gave them the green light.

So this actually fit perfect at the bottom of my stair way into my basement.  Can you believe it?  And, the top of the poster is light gray and matches my stairway hall perfect.

Tips for getting FREE posters from Retail Shops

I’m singing “Look at that ombre”  ”Look at that ombre”:

Tips for getting FREE posters from Retail Shops

This is the view leaving the basement to go upstairs.

Tips for getting FREE posters from Retail Shops

This poster is made from very heavy-duty vinyl.  I tacked it up using a few silver thumb tacks along the top and bottom for easy removal.  I had wanted to make this a fabulous accent wall but wasn’t ready to commit to a wallpaper, trim, or my craziest idea…graffiti.  This poster was the perfect solution.  Still dramatic without the commitment.

Tips for getting FREE posters from Retail Shops

I absolutely love the faux grommets that make up the anchor.  YES, these are FAUX!  Each one is a photograph of an actual grommet and then a hole was punched through the center it.  You really have to slide your hand over it to tell if they are real or not.

Tips for getting FREE posters from Retail Shops

Well, now you know how to get giant FREE art for YOUR home.  Just follow the steps above and ask for displays from your local retail shops!

Tips for getting FREE posters from Retail Shops

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Have you ever used a store display in your home decor?  Tell me about it or link up in the comments!

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  • I love it!! My best friend and I went to London for the Royal Wedding. We saw a darling store front at John Lewis. After arriving back home it was posted on ebay!! We both purchased one for a great price. I have it framed and hung in my hall. I love it!!

  • What a great idea! I would have never thought to do this, even though I used to work at a movie theatre in high school and one of the major perks was getting to take home free movie posters. I will definitely be keeping an eye out.


    • This probably sounds strange, but I never even thought about asking a movie theater! My kids would love a cut out or poster for their favorite movies! Thanks Jennifer.

  • Love it! My daughter would give anything to have that anchor. I’ll have to forward this info to her. I have asked before but am always told they re-use their posters. I will try and try again and get my name on “the list”.

    Thanks for the tips.

    • Gina, YES! DON’T give up! Read the comments of fellow Burlap & Denim readers and it will inspire you to keep asking. And maybe try larger chain stores, they rarely “re-use” their displays.

  • High five to you! What a score! I once embarrassed my early morning walking partner by strolling into a Starbucks and asking if they sell their displays after the holidays. The barista was very nice but looked at me like I had two heads. But after asking her manager she told me to come back after Christmas and ask again.
    Two weeks later and I was a gushing owner of a huge awesome yarn themed wreath-perfect for this knitter/pushy-it-can’t-hurt-to-asked!

    • Oh, how adorable! And see, if the person you ask looks at you with two heads, keep asking till someone understands! I’m sure that wreath is awesome.

  • Wow. That looks GREAT! It almost looks painted on i/o being a poster. And the fit couldn’t be better!

    • I know, right? I have to give credit to my 11 year old for picking that spot for the poster. It really could have gone anywhere in my house, I love it so much, but his suggestion couldn’t have been better.

  • YES. I worked for the Gap for 10 years! I score a bunch of cool stuff. I wish Target would give there cool stuff away!

    • Lisa, I wanted a yarn string art board in a reindeer design for Christmas. Unfortunately it had already been spoken for. I forgot to mention that in High School I scored like 10 posters from United Colors of Benetton. They were these amazing photos of people from around the world wearing bright colored Benetton clothes. I LOVED them!

  • Love it! I used to work at Starbucks and I’d sometimes take home end of season décor which was going to be thrown away. I was always surprised no customers (or even my coworkers) ever requested anything!

    When I worked at a record store, I only ever took home posters and promotional cd’s, but a coworker took home a 5 ft tall martini glass once! Haha!

  • nice post

  • looking good

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