Recycled Craft Storage and Organization

I’ve just finished my craft room!  I shared it HERE.  Now I want to get down to the nitty-gritty of how I recycled boxes and other junk to organize the heck out of all those crafting supplies.  So here is my recycled craft storage and organization:

The vintage shopping cart.  My father in law saved this from the dump, just for me.  I love the turquoise wheels!  I just whipped up a little bag out of this leftover pink striped fabric.  I stuffed it full with sewing projects that I need to work on.

Creative Craft Room Storage with Vintage Accessories

An old curio wall cabinet holds all kinds of crafting goodies.

Creative Craft Room Storage with Vintage Accessories

Old glass jars from Biscoff, caramel and all kinds of eats were washed out, labels cleaned off and filled up with chalk, sequins, confetti, pop tops and embroidery floss.  The clear glass cabinet and glass jars make finding stuff a snap.  Plus the fun colors don’t hurt either.

Upcycled craft storage

These are a new addition to my craft organization.  I love to save jean and cargo pockets.  When ever a pair of jeans or shorts wear out, and with four boys that happens a lot, I cut out all the pockets.  Now I store them in these great clear plastic boxes.  I bought four sets of outdoor patio string lights from Target for our back deck.  The boxes that they came in were so awesome, I kept them and sorted my pockets into the four boxes.

Upcycle store packaging in to craft storage boxes

Believe it or not, these two stacked cabinet things were only $20 bucks each.  That was 15 years ago and by now, no one in my family wanted them anymore.  I inherited my sister’s with the drawers and stacked it on top of  mine.  I filled it with an old Tori Burch shoe box, because it’s pink and yellow, an old orange box, a jar with paint brushes, and dozens of toll paints in old Rubbermaid containers.

Creative Craft Room Storage with Vintage Accessories

Another old shelf worked out perfect to hold more crafting and decorating supplies (I’m glad I bought a lot of white shelving over the years).  What design studio would be complete without a box of paint samples (the box was of course a freebie).  Old hot cocoa containers store craft scissors and more recycled glass jars are filled with collected feathers and buttons.  When my first three kids were tiny I bought three blue buckets to use as Easter baskets.  The only regret I have is not buying a fourth, since we’ve got 4 boys now.  When it isn’t Easter, I use them as summer decor but now they are working out great for storing tapes, glue guns, hole punches etc.

Creative Craft Room Storage with Vintage Accessories

Even the closet has recycled storage.  A wire shelf system that use to grace my first married kitchen as a pot and pan storage now holds leftover fabrics.  To the left of that photo is one with a time card holder I purchased for $2 at ReStore.  Now it holds a bunch of ribbons, blanket bindings and bias tape that I bought at a yard sale.  More reused orange boxes organize even more crafts (see how I upcycled Orange Boxes from COSTCO HERE).

Creative Craft Room Storage with Vintage Accessories

This is one of my faves!  I found these adorable turquoise egg cartons at Wal-Mart.  I bought a few dozen eggs and saved the containers for thread storage.

Upcycle turquoise egg carton for craft and sewing storage

Well there you have my recycled craft organization.  What do you store your craft supplies in?  Do you recycle your storage containers?  Tell me about it in the comments!

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  • What great ideas! I love how you recycled and repurposed things, very cool and they look great!

  • When you click on the link from my email it takes me to your website but an ad for Marriott pops up.

  • Between you and the Barkers blog I’ll have to organize my craft room this winter. She’s been doing her whole house including her craft room. You were very thrifty and smart reusing anything you could to store. I have one of those carts I use in summer to haul beach stuff down to the lake. It’s so handy and saves lots of trips.
    I just have a very small room for my pc/desk and lots of iris carts full of supplies and shelves also hubs put up for me. Had to make use of what little room we could find. One corner of the room has shelves up to ceiling, down to floor. I’m ready to get him to put more up for things I don’t use as often.
    We don’t have a garage or basement. If I took things out I don’t use often I’d have no place to keep them at all. Kinda frustrating when I want to clean things up. I’ve even got the closet full of “stuff” after hubs put shelves in there.
    I’m going to save pics of your craft room so I’ll have inspiration staring me in the face, can’ t avoid the project needed to be done then.
    I won’t be doing this til after the holidays when decorations are put away. Give myself a breather of sorts then I’ll start to work on it. Wish I had a place to put it all til I go thru and decide what to keep etc. how to organize it.
    I’d hate to tell you how many of those iris carts I have and the plastic drawers. I keep jars, anything like you did that can be used to store things and see what you have and where.
    Sure glad I got to read your post to inspire me to get going on this room. Then I’ll have to tackle my sewing room, an even smaller room. Eeeeekkkk. Happy weekend

    • Thanks JaneEllen! Send me some pics of your finished spaces! I’m glad I found someone else that likes to recycle stuff for organizing later :)

  • nice post

  • looking good

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