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How to Throw a Great Pirate Party

Last week my youngest child turned 4!  Wow, how time flies.  My Will is all boy and of course loves Pirates.  He was Jack Sparrow for Halloween and could watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies over and over again.  So, when I asked him what kind of birthday he wanted he said “I want a PIRATE PARTY!”  His excitement for his upcoming party made me want to amp things up for him.  We invited 11 friends, way too much for a four-year old, but as long as we were going all out, why not!?!

For the table, I pulled together as much piraty stuff as I could from around the house.  I included beachy stuff too since I have a lot of it.  (I printed this cute AHOY hanging banner HERE)
Pirate Party Tablescape

As the kids arrived, we did a gathering activity, a pirate puzzle from a dollar store.  This was a great way to keep the kids interested while we waited for all 11 to arrive.  We also gave them each a triangle of red striped fabric from Wal-Mart and tied it on their heads. Pirate Party Gathering Activity Puzzle

Then each one chose a mustache for a quick photo shoot.  These were 6 for a dollar at All a Dollar.  I taped them to skewers so they didn’t have to stick them to their faces.  The boys and girls enjoyed the mustaches!Dollar Store Mustaches on a stick for a Pirate Party

Check out this cute pirate!Mustache on a stick at a Pirate Party

Our first game was to Pop the Cannon.  I stuffed a Werther’s candy in each balloon and blew them up.  Then the kids did everything they could to pop them and get the “gold” inside. Pop the Pirate Cannon Game

All the kids lined up over and over to Walk The Plank, most ended up jumping the plank.

Walking the Plank at a Pirate Party

Then we divided the group into three smaller groups and rotated through the next three games.  First was Knock down the Cans.  I had an old bean bag I made from denim and filled with rice.  I wrapped 10 Campbell’s soup cans with pirate papers (Free Printable HERE).  They each got three shots and all got a Recess Peanut Butter Cup (gold) when they finished.

Knock Down the Pirate Cans Game

Digging for Treasure was one of their favorites.  I emptied out our sandbox of all the toys and filled it with treasures.  Dollar store Mardi Gras necklaces (one each) and a bag of pearls, rubies, crystals and gold (a vase filler mix from Wal-Mart for $4).  I added up how many of each they could keep and gave each of them a ziplock with their name on it.  They Loved it! Burried Treasure in the Backyard Sandbox for a Priate Party!

Station three was to Pin the Skull on the Treasure Map.  I had a great treasure map that I purchased for one of the kids rooms a few years ago.  It was from Pottery Barn Kids.  I also bought a pin the tail on the donkey style game at All a Dollar but it was terrible.  I cut out the skulls and used them and the eye mask.  They “taped” the skulls on the X on the treasure map.  They each got a Hershey’s Gold Nugget after they played.PIn the skull on the Treasure Map X

What pirate party would be complete with out a treasure hunt?  I hid clues all over the house that lead to our windowless exercise room.  I placed a clear glass bucket filled with glow stick swords.  Each child picked one and battled out on the grass in the back yard.Glow Stick Pirate Swords from the Dollar Store

Then it was time to eat cake and ice cream, or in this case Pirate Ale (root beer) and donuts.  I made simple labels to glue on to recycled glass bottles for each kid.  I found pirate plates at Honk’s (another dollar store).Pirate Ale Root Beer Labels

They LOVED drinking the root beer.  I made the labels as a free printable with “Blackbeard” instead of Will’s name.

Pirate Party Snacks

For a treat bag, I used these cute little red and white stripped paper baggies filled with “gold” Reeses, Twix, and Hershey’s Nuggets.  Golden Treasures for Pirate Booty Bags

We sang Happy Birthday and this smile made it all worth it.
four year old Pirate Party

As a parting party gift, I opened this tiny treasure box filled with ring pops and let them take one more treasure home.Ring Pops in a Treasure Box for Pirate Treasure

Click HERE for the FREE Drink Label printable:Free Pirate Party Printable Drink Labels

Click HERE for the FREE Cupcake Flag printable:

Free Printable Pirate Cupcake Flags

 Click HERE for the FREE Knock down the Cans game printable:Free Printable Pirate Party Game

Do you like to go all out for your kids parties?  What is the best party you’ve thrown or gone to?  Tell me about it in comments!

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  • What a great party!

  • So much fun for everyone. Much Much better than Chuckie Cheese, etc.
    You are a good mom and very creative. Enjoy them while you can!!

    • Thanks Beth, and trust me, I’ve done plenty of Chuckie Cheese birthday parties! But I knew that this was a magical birthday for him, and he understood that it was his special day.

  • How adorable! Thanks for sharing, will try the can knock down game and drink labels at my little guys pirate party next month!

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