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Wrapping Paper ChristmasTree Garland

I have been really excited to put up my Christmas tree this year, surprise surprise, but nothing got me more giddy than when I planned this little project.  Justin and I were walking through a local import store called Tai Pan and I noticed a Christmas tree that had brown craft paper tucked in all the open spaces.  As I looked closer I saw that it had music notes on it.  It looked like wrapping paper that had been cut in half, crumpled up and used it as a Christmas tree garland.   I couldn’t wait to do this to my tree!

Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree Garland

 Since I wasn’t crazy about the music notes I went on a search for wrapping paper that would fit my style.  I came across this gift wrap at TJ Maxx for just $3 a roll (30″ X 120″).  I ended up needing 3 rolls for my 9 ft. tree.  I love that it said “Merry Christmas” “Peace” and “Joy”.  It has great Typography and is a little chalkboard-esque.Merry Christmas Typography Brown Craft Wrapping Paper

 I unrolled each roll and cut it approximately down the center,

avoiding cutting words in half.Cut Brown Craft Wrapping Paper for a Christmas Tree Garland

 I crinkled it loosely.Crinkle Wrapping Paper for Christmas Tree Garland

 Then I gently spiraled it around my tree, tucking it into all of the large gaps.Cut and Crumple Wrapping Paper for Christmas Tree Garland

 I love how it turned out!   The paper that I used was quite strong and didn’t tear despite me poking it around all of the tree branches.

Wrapping Paper Garland for your Christmas Tree | Burlap and Denim

 (I’ll show you the final decorated tree soon)

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree | Burlap and Denim

I LOVE Christmas!


  • How random is this! I just went to Tia Pan Trading TONIGHT and was inspired by the wrapping paper garland. Thanks for the pics!

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